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Mercy View Meadow  The holiday season is upon us. I'd like to share my Christmas thoughts with you. Have a look

Looking across the field from my wild flower meadow (picture to the right) I see the Luther Home of Mercy, which brought Bill and me to Williston over 30 years ago. Hence the name of my Website. Bill has now passed, but I continue to garden and teach about nutrition, my passion. As a nutrition professional, now retired, I have become increasingly upset with the direction our industrial agriculture and commercial food and medical industries have taken. I hope you will take time to read my thoughts on these issues, and check out my blog, Mercy View Meadow

As a leader for the Weston A Price Toledo Area Chapter in Ohio I teach occasional classes.  Here are the Details. We'd love to have you join us if you are in the area.  Learn more about the raw milk issue in Ohio

Something else - Gardening for Maximum Nutrition. This is a work in progress, in outline form, but I'm pulling together useful info for those working to improve their fields and gardens using BRIX TESTING to gauge their success at raising nutrient dense foods.

Other items include a letter to a friend on the appalling state of our food system, an alternative to the current Mad Cow hysteria, Justice Issues (the Fallacy of our Cheap Food Policies) and the Good News Page. Good News for your dining table, that is. Check it out! 

Preparing daily meals is a major occupation when you want to eat the very healthiest foods. For ideas on what to eat, click on Kris's Recipes for some of her favorite recipes. - This is a work in progress, so check back often.

When I sit in church Sunday mornings and contemplate the lessons for the day, I am struck how often they speak with wisdom to the issues of nutrition, gardening, and how we treat the earth and and all creatures. I have added a few Wisdom passages in the right sidebar on some pages hoping they will prove inspirational and thought provoking. Example and List

The flowers above are blue phlox photographed in our yard one glorious spring. Our yard is a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. In addition there are vegetable gardens and fruit trees that are cared for in harmony with God's intentions for Creation. Organic mulch materials, compost, and rock dusts are used to nourish the life in the soil and sustain the health of the inhabitants of our yard. For pictures of the garden and some stories on life in the garden check out  Garden Memories.

I'd love to hear from you!  E-mail your thoughts to Kris.