Some basic well-balanced fertilizers

For those with a modest sized garden who want a simpler way to get good results, here are some relatively complete organic fertilizers that can be useful.

Black Lake Organic Optimum Mixes

Perfect Blend Organic Fertilizers

RE-VITA COMPOST PLUS (3-3-3) at Ohio Earth Foods - you probably need additional calcium of the proper type.

Steve's Complete Organic Fertilizer is relatively easy to mix up from locally available ingredients.

From Black Lake Organic Community FAQ page

Q #9:   Is it worth the expense to get a professional soil test and wouldn't a do-it-yourself kit be good enough?

A #9:   Yes, it is nearly always worth the cost to get at least one professional soil test for your garden or lawn to know where you are starting from before purchasing or applying fertilizers. Often the money paid to get this accurate information is more than offset by savings from purchasing the right types and amounts of fertilizers, rather than applying what you don't need or a product that does more harm than good.

Do-it-yourself testing kits are useful for limited purposes, but simply don't give you anywhere near the complete and accurate measurements needed to address the total fertility balance required for the best crop or plant performance. This is particularly important in relation to growing food crops for your own proper nourishment. If your FOOD is malnourished, YOU will be too! That is why BLO offers professional soil testing by Logan Labs of Ohio, which uses the Albrecht method of soils analysis focusing on mineral balance. We take the lab's results and recommendations and give them our own analysis and recommended fertilizer types and rates from a Mineral Augmented Organic perspective. It's the Only Way To GROW!