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Basic Info - Biozome microorganisms are simple microorganisms, called 'Archaea,' that lack a nucleus. Archaea are found in many extreme environments on the planet, but are also a major component of healthy soils. They are particularly effective at detoxifying organic compounds, as in an oil spill.  

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Guy continues:
Please read the section on my website called KFC = Kitchen, Food, Cook. This sets the framework for all agriculture and all nutrition for all life on the planet earth. Most people think we are a fertilizer. Wrong - we are the cook. the best cooks. you still need the food for us to cook up. Another problem is chlorinated water - deadly to say the least.

On using Biozome with EM, and other microbial innoculants
Yes biozome does work with the other 2 cooks. Just like a 5 star restaurant. Head chef, Su chef, apprentice chef. Head chef could do all of the work. But for best results use all three an in the proper balance. Proper nutrients are also very very important. Do not expect a perfect steak dinner if you only have peanut butter and jelly in the kitchen- NPK etc.

On raising brix levels with Biozome - see for some results (start the animation and click on 'Research.')

On BioZome compared to EM
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The short answer to your question is this. EM is DNA bacteria. All probiotic formulas using the EM technology are also DNA based. Each group of organisms in nature has a very specific function. The Dr from Japan [Dr. Teuro Higa] deserves great praise for his many years of efforts to educate common folk on the basic need for micro-organisms to be used in our daily lives. In a very unscientific way of explaining the difference, EM are DNA bacteria. ARCHAEA in BioZome is RNA. Simple bacteria breakdown simple compounds into elemental form. Complex compounds (especially toxins and metal products) require an aggressive and effective mineralizer to do the tough jobs. Most of the scientific community is trying very hard to clearly identify every single group of bacteria and fungi and their exact functions. Roughly estimating, in an active soil there are 15% bacterial groups, 15% fungal groups. If you find the best fertilizers, add active cultures of bacteria and fungi you will increase soil activity and hopefully crop yield by 20 to 30 %. The ARCHAEA account for 70% of active soil populations. You can easily see the pure difference in numbers alone would make a world of crop yield difference. Now something that is most interesting and of utmost importance. DNA bacteria and fungi DO NOT have the genetic code for breaking down organic compounds containing trace element minerals/metals.

This brings us to the point of NUTRITION. In a nut shell. trace elements/metals are directly responsible for initiating and maintaining the immune system of plants and animals/humans. To eat healthy and be healthy you need not some but all of the minerals/metals found on the periodic table in the exact same percentages as the ocean. In order to have these organic compounds broken down into elemental form you need the ARCHAEA to do so. NO medical, agricultural, or social entity can become healthy without the ARCHAEA.

A point of clarification. On the EM website they state most incorrectly that they are non pathogenic. Although they use every possible precaution, they are far from being classified as non pathogenic. I have had the extreme displeasure of cleaning up sites that had used the EM product without proper supervision. I still to this day promote the EM technology and the mass education of common folk to the benefits of using bacteria in agriculture. Telling everyone that you will not ever catch a cold because you take one vitamin c every day is a similar statement to EMs claim. As a pure scientific factual statement: All DNA organisms are mutational by their very existence. Proof = you do not look exactly like either one of your parents. All medicines made by the entire medical community affect their intended users in different ways. Quite clearly if an organism or a product is mutational in nature it is by its definition a [potentially] pathogenic substance. If this statement were not true then there would be no need for EM to spend millions trying to eliminate their products pathogenic characteristics. [SCD might take issue with this characterization ]

The only non pathogenic product in the world at this time is the ARCHAEA. We are included in the USDA/NOP as a 100% organic product by virtue of our non pathogenic characteristics.

Dr Oppenheimer is the worlds leading micro biologist [ ] . His research and development of environmentally friendly products and services have not been matched to date. He has cleaned more oil spills than all televised government cleanups from all countries combined.

Guy McGowen at the Copano Institute.
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