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"If you choose to eat mass-produced fast food, you are supporting a network of supply and demand that is destroying local communities and traditional ways of life all over the world -- a system that replaces self-sufficiency with dependence. And you are supporting a method of agriculture that is ecologically unsound, that depletes the soil and leaves harmful chemical residues in our food and in our air and water. But if you eat fresh, locally-grown organic food in season, then you are contributing to the health and stability of local agriculture and local communities. And to put frosting on the cake, you're also giving yourself pleasure -- the pleasure of amazingly delicious food…"
                                          From the Web site of The Land Connection

How did we get into this fix? Paradigm Paralysis explains why we're stuck in this reckless mode. What do we do? The other links on this page address that issue:

Organic Gardening
Food Sources
Gardening for Wildlife

Organic Gardening

If we are to eat healthy food, we must encourage those who produce healthy food. Industrial agriculture is bringing us unhealthy food, destroying our soil, polluting our waterways, and impoverishing our farmers. Fortunately there are alternatives.  Growing some of your own food organically is one choice more of us should make. 


Of course growing all our own food is pretty difficult, so seeking out food grown in a healthy, humane and sustainable fashion come next. It helps to know something about Sustainable Agriculture in evaluating the sources of your food, and how we arrived at this sorry state of affairs.

Food Sources

Now that you know a bit about how food ought to be grown, where to you find good food? Food Sources and it's links provide some suggestions.

Gardening For Wildlife

No organic garden is complete without without native plants and shrubs that provide a welcoming place for the wild creatures that help to maintain a balanced and healthy environment in your gardens.  The native bees pollinate your fruits and vegetables, native flowers attract beneficial insects who help to keep pests under control, and the birds and butterflies that visit your gardens help to create a peaceful and inviting sanctuary that rivals any nearby park.

With the help of others I have put together a page of resources to help you plan and develop your Wildlife Garden.  Click on Native Plants for lots of sources of inspiration.


Paradigm Paralysis
The Worst Disease in the U.S.
December 2002, Acres U.S.A.
by Philip Wheeler

For some background on the problems that commercial agriculture has brought us this is an article well worth reading.  Here is an excerpt:

" "Paradigm Paralysis" is the inability to look outside the current model we are using for a paradigm or otherwise being unable to make changes or adopt a new model. The causes of paradigm paralysis include: fear; peer pressure; lack of energy, knowledge, or resources; and a myriad of others. The fears can include: fear of change; fear of ridicule; fear of failure; or, again, a variety of fears or concerns....

 "So, why are paradigms worth reading about in an agricultural publication? Because two of the most important paradigms in our lives - agriculture and health/medicine - were created with war, money, power and politics in mind, rather than with a true scientific basis and the general welfare as bases. The power of paradigms are so great and paradigm paralysis so prevalent that the United States has gone from a country with huge reserves of high-organic-matter, mineral-rich soils to being named the country with the worst soil degradation, and from a country with reasonably healthy people to one that now has some of the worst rates for degenerative diseases, diabetes and obesity in the world. The two are related - eight out of 10 of our list of killer diseases are related to the condition of our soil, air and water, as well as our lifestyles, which includes our diets."



Other information about Raw Milk

Other information on Healthy Foods







God's Wisdom

Stop fooling yourselves. If you think you are wise by this world's standards, you will have to become a fool so you can become wise by God's standards. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. As the Scriptures say,
    "God catches those who think they are wise  in their own cleverness."
And again,
    "The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are worthless."

1 Corinthians 3: 18-20