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These are some places you might go to get some serious soil testing done and advice on what to do to correct deficiencies organically. For more complete listings and guidance check out this page from ATTRA:

Brix Testing  
  Raising Brix levels  
  Refractometers - Brix Chart
Pike Method  
Agricultural Consultants  (another list)
   Advancing Eco-Agriculture (Ohio & other states)     
   Agri Dynamics (Pennsylvania)
   AgriEnergy Resources (
Illinois ) 
   Agri-Horticultural Consulting Steve Diver 
   Bionutrient Food Asso. (Massachusetts)
   Cropservices International, Inc. (CSI, Inc. - Michigan)  (aimed at gardeners - Minnesota) 
   International Ag Labs, Inc.  (Minnesota)
   Kinsey's Agricultural Services (Missouri)
   Lancaster Agriculture Products (Pennsylvania)  
   Midwestern Bio-Ag, Inc. (Michigan) (directions for planning appropriate soil amendments) 
   Sustainable Growth Texas  
   Sustainable Soils (Bill Smith)  
   T&J Enterprises   (aimed at gardeners - Washington)  
   Gardening for Maximum Nutrition    
Fertilizer sources      
High Brix Success Stories   
Other resources - books * websites
Soil Life Resources   
Soil Foodweb, Inc.
Soil Testing  
     Soil sample techniques  
     AgriEnergy Resources  
     Cropservices International, Inc. (CSI, Inc.)
     International Ag Labs, Inc.  
        Morgan weak acid test 
     Kinsey's Agricultural Services
     Logan Labs  
     Spectrum Analytic  

Soil Testing Laboratories for the ecological farmer - It is very helpful to read the information on this page to understand what you are looking for in a soil test.  Many inexpensive soil tests do not give your enough information. Two labs that I have used are Logan Labs and Int.AgLabs. Logan Labs standard soil test uses a Mehlich3 test, which tells you the foundational minerals in your soil, and is used to calculate CEC. AgLab tests us a Morgan mild extractant solution, or LaMotte test, which tells you what is available to the plant. The two types of tests complement each other. More basic info here.

Logan Labs
184 W. Main Street
PO Box 1455
Russells Point Ohio 43348
Ph: 937-842-6100
Fax: 937-842-2433
Logan Labs is dedicated to the philosophies of Dr. William Albrecht and a true base saturation soil testing methodology.
    How to Read the Logan Labs Standard Soil Test  (text file)

See also International Ag Labs - Soil Testing

Spectrum Analytic
      Interesting info on minerals under 'Support/Basics'

Instructions for taking a soil sample:

Go to  and click on "Sampling"

Organicalc at Grow Abundant Gardens. 
includes the option of evaluating your soil test

Consultants for high quality agricultural production:

* Advancing Eco-Agriculture
4551 Parks West Road  Middlefield, Ohio  44062  (consultants in other areas also)  
440-632-1012 or Toll Free: 855-44-ECOAG 
also quality natural and organic soil liquid amendments and fertilizers

* Agri Dynamics 
PO Box 267
Martins Creek, PA 18063

* AgriEnergy Resources
Princeton, Illinois
Ph: 815-872-1190
Goals: to develop Renewable Farming systems and assist with their implementation for healthier soils producing balanced, high-nutrient-density plants resulting in healthier livestock and people. 
Healthy Soils, Healthy Livestock, Healthy People, an interview with Dean Craine (PDF file)

One of their consultants recommended using very carefully prepared foliar sprays (based on leaf tissue analysis) on pasture to improve not only the pasture (as evidenced by the high brix levels of the grass), but also the health and nutrition of the animals and hence the flavor and healthfulness of the meat and dairy. He figures this is more economical than trying to fine tune the minerals in the soil (which the foliars gradually improve) or using mineral supplements for the animals (which are only minerals and not the valuable mineral containing nutritional compounds in the grass when it gets all the minerals it needs in the foliar spray). This concept would apply to other plants beside pasture grasses and their influence on human health.

* Agri-Horticultural Consulting - Steve  Diver specializes in organic and sustainable solutions to large- or small-scale farming operations, revegetation and erosion control projects, and landscapes. 512-944-8982,

* Cropservices International, Inc. (CSI, Inc.)
1718 Madison SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507-2518
Ph: 616-246-7933
Fax 616-246-6039
Consultant: Dr. Phil Wheeler
We integrate Albrecht, Reams, Callahan, and radionics.

* International Ag Labs, Inc.
800 W. Lake Ave.,
PO Box 788
Fairmont, Minnesota 56031
Tel: (507) 235-6909
Fax: (507) 235-9155
"The purpose of our Company is to make soil better as we grow quality crops
Laboratory testing (Morgan soil test), organic fertilizers and soil amendments."

     Advantages of Morgan (weak acid) Soil Test

* - Jon Franks - specializing in home gardens. Part of International Ag Labs

* Midwestern Bio-Ag, Inc.
President, Gary Zimmer, author of "The Biological Farmer"
Bio-Ag of Michigan
Kinde, M


* Lancaster Agriculture Products
Naturally Interested In Your Future
60 North Ronks Road,
Ronks, Pennsylvania 17572 
Fax: 717-687-9355
Phone: 717-687-9222

* Kinsey’s Agricultural Services Soil Fertility Consultants
President: Neal Kinsey, author of HANDS-ON AGRONOMY
We specialize in correcting soil fertility problems of farms, ranches, vineyards, orchards, gardens and lawns... The recommendations will utilize the proven principles of the Albrecht system of soil fertility management.

* Bionutrient Food Association - Started by  Dan Kittredge, is working to educate growers and consumers, and develop standards for nutrient dense foods.   

* Thomas Giannou at T&J  Enterprises 
Spokane, Washington

* Sustainable Growth Texas, a soil biology services company


Other fertilizer sources


Soil Foodweb, Inc. - Website of Dr. Elaine Ingham, soil life guru, who is reluctant to acknowledge that soil remineralization may be needed.
"To grow healthy, productive plants
you need healthy, productive soil. It is the organisms in the soil that provide the food plants need, in the form they need, when they need it.
At Soil Foodweb, we measure the quality and quantity of these vital organisms and provide guidance in how to build your soil so your soil can build your plants."  See also their Soil Foodweb Approach

Brix Testing to reveal the best produce
The Brix meter is a small refractometer that is used to evaluate the quality of produce and the health of growing plants. It measures the content of solids in plant juices - sugars, minerals, etc. To produce fruits and vegetables with excellent Brix readings, the soil must be well balanced in minerals, organic matter, and microorganisms. Well-made compost teas and foliar sprays are often applied to the plant to provide needed nutrients. (See Sources (below) and Gardening for Maximum Nutrition) It is disappointing to measure the Brix readings on typical organic (or non-organic) produce, as they are rarely in the excellent range. There is much room for improvement in this expanding market!

What is Brix? From 

See also The Brix Movement - Growing For Quality

Human Health Starts in the Soil 

Brix chart   Refractometers

In depth look at the issue:

OR - also a raw foods site:

or  Rex Harrill's Website

How to grow superb biological produce above & beyond ordinary chemical OR organic agriculture - Pike Method of soil testing & monitoring - using brix, electrical conductivity and pH.   

The Brix Movement - Growing For Quality  from Agriculture Solutions

New Life Soils (an Australian company) with much info - not available Jan. '07

BrixTalk Yahoo group - source of much info  

Sources of products claiming to raise brix levels:

Measuring brix levels with a refractometer is a way of gauging nutritional quality of produce. This results from proper soil mineral balancing and active soil microorganisms. For guidance on how to do this see Gardening for Maximum Nutrition.

List of foliar fertilizers  and other fertilizer products

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply,, which offers foliar products for raising brix and some helpful info. 

Perfect Blend Organic Fertilizers -
For their story see  The Path to High Brix
They are in Washington state. Contact them for source.s

JungleFlora, a Certified Organic Soil Conditioner and Plant Growth Accelerator. 
JungleFlora is a fermented blend of Composted Cow and Chicken Manures, Vermicast, Acadian kelp, Fish emulsion, Volcanic rock dust, Potassium Humate and Filtered Rain Water. 

International Ag Labs and their related site

ABC Organics (in California)
Our mission is to support agricultural and horticultural activities with high quality organic based ingredients that support soil and plant health.
The first video on this webpage is an interview with Joe Johnson of ABCOrganics on raising brix of strawberries with use of structured water.

Refractometer sourcesBe sure you get 0-32% Brix range, not 0-100%, which will be hard to read accurately  Brix Chart

Pike Agri-Lab Supplies - call them for a catalogue
866-745-3247 (toll-free)

Or inquire of Charlie Downer at - National Industrial Supply. He has Chinese Westovers with quite good optics, a two year guarantee, and at rock bottom prices - find them on Ebay:

     National Industrial Supply
       2767 Maricopa Street
       Torrance, CA 90503
       Phone: 310.748.6858
       Fax: 310.833.7306

Another source:

If you need a great 0-32 brix refractometer, please contact me.  I have RHB32-ATC brix meters available for purchase for $45.  
Luke Lemmers
2141 Staghorn Dr
Shakopee, MN 55379

Agriculture Solutions has a variety of refractometers - A Maine company. Be sure to get the 0-23 brix range.

Lee Valley refractometer,2120 

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply  - lots of info on foliar solutions, raising brix, etc. Worth asking for a catalogue.