Foliar Fertilizers & Nutrient Drenches

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Gardening for Maximum Nutrition

Fine tuning with foliars

Hydrogen Peroxide

Specific Minerals

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Liquid Fertilizers

Although the basic fertility for plants comes from the soil and the minerals, composts, etc. mixed in with the soil before planting, or worked into the soil around the plant during the growing season, to get high brix crops it is often necessary to readily available nutrients in the form of liquid 'drenches' (poured on the root zone of the plant) and 'foliars.' (sprayed on the plant leaves). Drenches can 'jump start' the biological activity that provides the fertility needed for good plant growth. Drenches are less concentrated and used in larger quantities than foliars. Plants readily absorb nutrients from foliar sprays through their leaves, and providing just the right mix of nutrients can boost quality plant growth (and brix) with in hours. See Fine tuning with foliars for further details.  

Caution from Rex Harrill: It is very important  to keep foliar feeding solutions diluted enough. Keep it weak! The ideal way to measure concentration is with a conductivity meter. In most cases, you should be very, very, wary of exceeding 2,000 to 3,000 microsiemens of conductivity.

*Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed (one source - Biocontrol Network: )  Biocontrol Network has a variety of fertilizers, seaweed products, soil conditioners, and innoculants


*Microbe Tea from T&J Enterprises

*Bountiful Harvest products
   Nutritional Supplement Plant Food
   SuperCal - liquid calcium

*Neptunes Harvest/Seaweed Extract - 

*Nitron's Tomato Booster 

*Something from Peaceful Valley on foliar feeding (
   They have a long list of liquid fertilizers, including Brix Mix powder (no longer available)

They mention hydrogen peroxide to get more oxygen into the soil: 
Ways to use Hydrogen Peroxide in the Garden

*Amaze  See also 

International Ag Labs also has a line of foliars and drenches. See Click on "Dealers". Main dealer - HighBrixHome  

*For commercial growers - Growers Mineral Solutions

*Sea mineral sources: (more info)
   Ocean-Solution   X  

*Sea-90 , from SeaAgri, Inc ( , is a full-spectrum mineral fertilizer that delivers 90 plus elements present in the sea’s natural and ideal ratios. Directions:

Annually broadcast and till into top 6 inches of soil
Garden Soil; Small Fruits and Tree Fruits
2.5 lbs/100 sq. feet year one
1.25 lbs/100 sq. feet years 2- 5
No further applications for minimum 5 years.

Foliar Spray: 1 tsp/gallon or 10oz/100 gallons
Nutrient Solution: 1tsp/gallon or 13oz/100 gallons
Contains No Nitrogen
Do Not Apply More Than Recommended Amounts!

*Specific minerals:
   Epsom salts (Mg)
   Boron is essential, but toxic in excess, so be cautious in application
      (Borax Products)
         Solubor, Solubor DF  - borate for foliar use 
         Fertibor - standard borate for fertilizer use 
               (disodium tetraborate pentahydrate - 15.2%B)  
         20 Mule Team® Borax (sodium tetraborate decahydrate) - 
              11% boron, find it at grocery store near detergents  
         Recommendation per Gary Zimmer:
         1 to 2 lb/acre per year maximum (3/4 to 1½ Tbsp per 100 sq ft)
           (1 cup Borax = 200 gm)

More sources of liquid fertilizers