Minerals and Animal Health

The history of the joint research of Dr William Albrecht and Brookside Laboratories Inc    

"Albrecht wrote "Soil Fertility - The Basis for Formulating an Agricultural Policy" specifically for Kuck and his associates. This document added a new emphasis to coordinated research at Brookside Laboratories, which resulted in the identification of disorders affecting dairy cattle being linked to mineral deficiencies in the soil and the plants they consumed."  See  http://www.healthyag.com/anim_antag.html  and 
Minerals and Healthy Grazing Animals

CHAPTER V. Calcium, The Premier of the Soil's Nutrient Elements.  From Soil Fertility and Animal Health, by William Albrecht

Milk fever suggests that the shifts of stored calcium into the larger active supply for milk production after calving are too slow or are disrupted, or that this element is involved in disturbed body processes about which we know all too little to prevent this trouble. In this situation, which follows usually so close to parturition though possibly at other times, we appreciate the premier role of calcium (supplemented by other nutrient elements) especially when the organic combination of it as a gluconate does so much so quickly in literally resurrecting a cow, or in snatching her from death by milk-fever.

"Natural Cures for Top-10 Cattle Ailments
        from Natural Cattle Care by Pat Coleby

More on Potassium and Salt, from Albrecht's Animals

Even in the face of plenty (of soil calcium and magnesium) excessive potassium can accumulate in the plant, thence in the herbivore's body at the expense of calcium and magnesium. An excess of one produces a "hidden hunger" for the other two. The result is a disposition toward metabolic disease such as grass tetany and milk fever...and ultimately, reduced quality and nutrition at the top of the food chain. See also:

Nitrate Toxicity, Sodium Deficiency and the Grass Tetany Syndrome

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