Overcoming Fat Phobia -

Some Basic Facts about Fat, Cholesterol and Carbohydrates

1. Cholesterol does not cause heart disease, but is actually an essential protective molecule in the body that is working to correct problems, among other duties. The whole cholesterol scare has been promoted by companies making huge amounts of money on cholesterol lowering drugs - See Cholesterol and Heart Disease: A Phony Issue

2. Natural saturated fats do not cause disease, but are essential to healthy body function. Many natural fats, such as butter, lard, etc., that are thought of as saturated, are actually composed of a variety of fats, including mono-unsaturated fats and poly-unsaturated fats. More on this as the above website.

3. Insulin levels need to be kept low by strictly limiting carbohydrates. A recent article by Dr. Julian Whitaker explains why diabetes medication is not beneficial. See also:


There is lots of good info here, but I take issue with Dr. Rosedale on his comments about the body already having enough saturated fats. Societies that eat a lot of coconut oil, which is a saturated fat, are generally very healthy, IF they don't eat Western refined foods. The problem is that our major sources of saturated fat (commercial meat, etc.) are also laced with excessive amounts of omega-6 poly-unsaturated fats (because of feeding corn and soy), which are not healthy because they are pro-inflammatory and easily oxidized promoters of free radicals. It is essential to eliminate most sources of omega-6 fats from your diet - which means most processed foods and commercial meat fat.

4. Restricting calories and exercising more is not the secret to successful and healthy weight loss! Gary Taubes in his new book, Good Calories, Bad Calories, discovered in doing his extensive search of the literature, that this customary, accepted 'secret' to weight loss is not supported by the research. In fact it often has an adverse effect of rebound weight gain. But what has been shown to be successful in research from many years ago, is the careful restriction of carbohydrates.

A video lecture by Taubes, reveals how he came to this conclusion and how resistant obesity 'experts' are to this notion, because their thinking is so colored by fat phobia.

5. Dysbiosis (poor GI tract function) is very common these days, contributing to poor digestion of fat and a source of many health problems - The secret to correcting these problems is not lots of fiber and a low fat diet, but plenty of good probiotics to repopulate the gut with healthy microorganisms. That means including things like living yogurt, raw living sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha in your diet or taking quality probiotic supplements. I make kombucha all the time. Both my co-leader, Lisa, and I found much better GI function when we cut out all the extra fiber we were taking.

Kris Johnson

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