A Letter to a Friend

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Dear Betty,
Sorry you have had so many friends and your son with health problems. That's getting to be the story of our times! It's probably not surprising considering what we have done to our food supply and our environment (that's the retired nutritionist speaking!)
Did God intend that we would fall from heart attacks, cancer, etc.? I don't think so!
Did God intend that we strip the nutrients from sugar cane and wheat berries and consume such quantities of highly processed and depleted white sugar and white flour? I don't think so!
Did God intend that we mass produce meat, milk, and eggs in factory conditions where the animals don't get the good grass and herbs that God intended? I don't think so!
Did God intend that we fill the environment with thousands of strange chemicals that are not a part of his creation?  I don't think so!
Did God intend that we would push cows to over-produce milk and confinement operations with inappropriate foods and then cook the nutrients to death with pasteurization and homogenization? I don't think so!
Did God intend that we consume foods that have been produced for maximum profit by workers paid a poverty wage? I don't think so!
Did God intend that we consume all sorts of pills and potions to keep healthy? I don't think so!
Why have I come to these conclusions?
* Researchers have documented that communities of people who eat whole fresh God-given foods in a good balance are very healthy, with little heart disease, cancer, etc. Weston A. Price, a Cleveland dentist back in the 30's documented this: http://wwww.westonaprice.org/nutrition-greats/598-weston-price.html
* Price also documented the deterioration in health, most obvious in the condition of the people's teeth, when white flour and white sugar arrived on the scene from Western traders. More on that
* When cattle are raised on good healthy pasture their meat and fat is a source of essential omega-3 fatty acids and other important nutrients that are totally missing from our feedlot fattened creatures. More on that and more still.
* When cows feed on healthy pastures their milk is a source of important nutrients, gifts that God gives us for good health. And unpasteurized milk, whether sweet or sour, is famous for its healing properties When we heat that milk some of these nutrients are destroyed and milk's amazing keeping qualities are destroyed. More on this
* Economists (not the usual kind!) have documented that when our farmers have received a fair price for their goods, the country has been prosperous and taxes low. But we haven't seen that situation for over fifty years. More on that.
* Researchers have found that only tiny amounts of some chemicals introduced into our environment can lead to birth defects and infertility. More on that

* We do not suffer from a deficiency of drugs! Researchers have searched long and hard for the cause of heart disease. What we find is that a long list of deficient nutrients have been implicated in this and many other degenerative disease. Unfortunately there is little profit in this research, so there is no good unbiased follow-up. More on this.

Sorry to sound off on this, but every day I see things in the paper about escalating health (illness) care costs, fat kids, fast food advertising, and new pharmaceutical research coming up with something for us to spend our money on. It makes me sick that no one in the popular press is pointing out that our bodies were intended to be healthy if we eat the good whole foods God gave us and avoid poisoning ourselves with environmental toxins. Someone has commented: "What we have done over the past 200 years represents a massive experiment on ourselves!" The results are not very promising!
So, eat your veggies, find some good grass fed beef and chicken, find a local farmer with a cow (I wish I could), and take some good vitamins, including omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D (good for those aching bones of yours). Here are some Good Nutrition Guides. I'm sounding off on all this in our ever expanding Web site. I've learned a lot about how our thinking (even that of the dietitians) is twisted by special interests - the spin doctors. Email and the Web are great ways to counter the misinformation spread by these purveyors of food propaganda.
Take care and God bless!
Kris Johnson, gardening in harmony with nature in northwest Ohio