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Canola Oil

Organic Food is Better for Your Health  
   Food Quality Issues  
   Genetic Engineering is not the answer 

Raw Milk, a political issue
Soy, Dangers of


     Other Views on supplements
Enzyme Information  


Sweeteners & MSG    

* Organic Food is Better for Your Health!  
If full attention was paid to proper remineralization and care of the soil, nutrient levels would be even higher.  Avoid pesticides and GMOs

* See also Organic Agriculture 

*New study finds health benefits of organic food 2014 

* French Research Gives Boost to Organic Food 2009

*  Organic fruits and vegetables work harder for their nutrients
Produce has been losing vitamins and minerals over the past half-century

San Francisco Chronicle, March 2006

* Why We Should All Eat More Organic Food 
Organic Consumers Asso, 2010

* Organic Agriculture: The First Medicine of Holistic Healing
By Michael W Fox D.Sc., Ph.D., Vet. Med., MRCVS
part of this blog: Our current food crisis — Seeing the bigger picture 2007

* Vegetables without Vitamins  LE Magazine, Life Extension Foundation, March 2001

* Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health
Shane Heaton/Soil Association (2001, 88pp, pb)
This comprehensive review of existing research reveals significant differences between organically and non-organically grown food.

* Is Organically Grown Food More Nutritious?  1999  
by Virginia Worthington, ScD

* Organic Foods Have Elevated Levels of Antioxidants  
01/26/2005 News Releases from the Organic Center 
Find  complete report here

* Organic foods in relation to nutrition and health key facts
Medical News Today, July 2004  - An interesting article from a conventional medicine Website, but I'm not recommending the rest of the Website.

* Is Agribusiness Making Food Less Nutritious?  
Mother Earth News, June/July 2004

* More on organic vegetables and fruits

* Genetic Engineering
A Chapter from the Independent Science Report,
The Case for a GM-Free Sustainable World   (See pages 89-91of the complete report) Also here

* Food Quality Issues
Comparing current USDA figures with nutrient content 30 years ago reveals  a troubling trend in the nutritional value of our whole natural foods. Many health professionals are connecting the dots between cheap, poor quality food and the increase in chronic disease.

Cheap Food vs. Quality Food  from

Food Quality & Digestion  

Growers who are working to improve the quality of their produce are experimenting with using a refractometer to measure the "brix" value of produce (a simple method of measure the sugar and minerals in plants). They are discovering that organic methods are not the final answer to food quality. They are finding that by careful balancing of the soil minerals and nurturing of the soil microorganisms, then monitoring the brix of the leaves of the plant and "touching up" the nutrients with specially prepared foliar sprays, they can improve the flavor and nutrient content of produce significantly. Unfortunately it is rare to find produce, either conventional and organic, that registers 'excellent' on a brix reading, since these sophisticated methods are not widely used or understood. Organic food may be better for our health, but we have a ways to go! Here folks who is trying - High Brix Success Stories

The Corporate Attack on Organic Agriculture 
Don't believe what you're likely to see in the media!

The Importance of Natural Mineral Sugars by Dr. A.F. Beddoe

Healthy Soils, Healthy People; The Legacy of William Albrecht by John Ikerd,  2011
[T]oday’s agricultural scientists should embrace the vision and courage of William Albrecht to venture beyond their narrow academic fields of study, to rethink the science involved, and perhaps redefine their disciplines. The health of our nation may be impossible to restore without first restoring the health of our soils.

What is Brix?     More Brix Info

* The current state of food quality produced in our nation and globally is poor to average - Here is an organization that is working with growers to improve the quality of their produce - Bionutrient Food Association .


Soy Alert - on the dangers of soy:

Confused About Soy?

  • "High levels of phytic acid in soy reduce assimilation of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. Phytic acid in soy is not neutralized by ordinary preparation methods such as soaking, sprouting and long, slow cooking. High phytate diets have caused growth problems in children..."  Much more at the Web site.

The Whole Soy Story

To answer your questions about soy

Soy Supplements can Decrease Sexual Behavior:

  • Lists 6 basic problems with soy with links to more details

Soy: Is it Healthy or is it Harmful?   
A good summary of the problems with soy

They hailed it as a wonderfood:,9950,1342291,00.html

The debate over soy is far ranging. I won't say I agree with what is presented here, but thought some might be interested:


Canola Oil - The Great Con-ola:


by Alton Eliason
"Never in the annals of health and nutrition has there been a food so maligned, lied about and conspired against as raw milk. Once revered the world over as the most perfect of all foods, its demise was planned in well organized steps to create today’s store-shelf milk, a virtually lifeless product whose only comparison to the original is its color."

A Campaign for Real Milk Web site:

Why you don't want bovine growth hormone in your milk

A New Vision - Raw Milk as the engine of renewed farm prosperity.

Other info about the Raw Milk Issue

An excellent professionally produced brochure called "Raw Milk, Natures Nutrient-Rich Food" is available from Sandy Redemske, 413-773-5375,  Contact her if you need copies to give to friends, legislators, or the general public.


A truly healthy diet of raw milk, grass-fed meat,  organic vegetables and fruits, properly soaked whole grains, fermented foods, and unprocessed healthy fats is not easy to come by! It requires time in the kitchen and access to good food sources. You may not have the time right now to tackle all that is involved. You may already have acquired a serious health problem as the result of your SAD (Standard American Diet) meals. In that case high quality supplements may be called for. 


A place to start for some information is:


Guide to Super Foods (from Weston Price Foundation)


Dietary Supplements - What the Industry Does Not Want You To Know by Ron Schmid, ND


The Truth about Minerals in Supplements


Comment from  John Marler:  
"Bees are the most efficient collectors of chelated minerals in the world. Bee pollen is loaded with primary, secondary, and trace minerals that have already been chelated into an organic form that is readily taken up by plants [and animals].  Most bee pollens are at a pH which is also an excellent converter into soil acids. Bee pollen is probably the world's finest source of chelated minerals for humans."

More on Minerals

More on Vitamins 


Patient, Heal Thyself: A Remarkable Health Program Combining Ancient Wisdom With Groundbreaking Clinical Research
by Jordan S. Rubin, NMD, CNC, & Gary Gordon

The book tells the remarkable story of the author's bout with severe Crohn's Disease. It is amazing that he consulted with 70 regular and alternative medical practitioners before he found the secret to his cure, which included a primitive type of diet (documented in his newer book, The Maker's Diet) which follows the guidelines in Nourishing Traditions and included the use of homeostatic soil organisms. His dad is a naturopathic physician, so he went to the very best practitioners they could find - good evidence that a lot of alternative medicine hasn't quite got it right - stuck in the low fat paradigm! 

He also has a newer, shorter, 'how-to' book - Restoring Your Digestive Health by Jordan S. Rubin NMD, CNC, & Joseph Brasco, MD, and has formed a supplement company, Garden of Life, offering a line of whole food supplements that sound good for the typical person who can't manage to eat properly and has significant health problems. Be forewarned that supplements can be an expensive substitute for real, whole, nourishing foods!

Other Views on Supplements

From Dr. Mercola, who is conservative on supplements  

Difference between natural & synthetic vitamins - source of herbal & whole food supplements - recommended by another chapter leader for cleansing

IntraMax, another excellent liquid supplement from 

Dr. Rath's Cellular Health Formulas -

Enzyme Information

Enzyme nutrition in 10 easy lessons By Dr. Howard Loomis

Is Your Body Demanding Food Enzymes?, by Dr. Edward Howell

An interesting interview with Dr. Howell with comments by a raw foodist, but you may ignore those comments. 

The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy: A Complete and Up-to-Date Reference to Effective Remedies by Dr. Anthony Cichoke 

Swedish bitters - 

Quantum Digest "world class plant enzymes" 

VitalzymTM  "whole body therapy" - contains serrapeptase  

also more info 

Serrapeptase - a particularly powerful enzyme
Serrapeptase digests non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms.

Wobenzym® -

TheraBlend products  - enzyme blends for specific purposes

See also Ultimate Digestion Support



    Why Do I Need Bacteria?

All Roads Lead to Probiotics, by Donna Gates

The natural way to get your probiotics (populate your gut with healthy and essential microorganisms) is by eating cultured foods, such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and kombucha

Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods  by Sandor Ellix Katz - 

Truly Cultured  by Nancy Lee Bentley - 

Fermenting (pickling) Foods  

Koji — the Biggest Food Trend of 2017? by Dr. Mercola on the importance of consuming fermented foods. Although he recommends celery as the sodium source when fermenting foods I think Celtic Sea Salt works fine, as unrefined salt is an important source of minerals, including sodium.

Jordan Rubin's Story of healing with homeostatic soil organisms
  (starts about halfway down the page)

Prescript AssistTM  - Soil-based probiotic recommended by a WAPF chapter leader

Probiotics in spore form:

MegaSporeBiotic is a dietary supplement probiotic that contains 5 proven pharmaceutical grade bacillus spores including the patented carotenoid rich probiotic strain – B. indicus HU36. It contains strains that have been proven to impede the growth of unwanted bacteria and yeast in the gut, while strengthening the immune response, healing a leaky gut and producing essential nutrients at the site of absorption. Most probiotic bacteria do not survive the acidity of the stomach, but in the spore form the bacilli survive the acidity of the stomach, germinate in the small intestine, grow and proliferate. They then resporulate in the lower GI tract and are excreted in the spore form where they survive high temperatures, dehydration, etc. in the outside environment.
This 100% spore formula probiotic is sold exclusively through healthcare professionals, including our local naturopaths.
A related formula with 4 bacillus spores, Just Thrive, is available online:
Just Thrive  
       Kelly’s story of using Just Thrive:

My notes. See also Leaky Gut

Other Probiotics:

Natren's Healthy Trinity - considered the queen of probiotics. Expensive, but since the goal is to repopulate the gut with living healthy microorganisms, you don't need to take it every day, as long as you are also cleaning up your diet and environment. 

Dr. Campbell-McBride's probiotics are found here:  

Bio-Kult - A Probiotic Solution to GAPS 
Another USA Source:  

Ageless Enterophilus - for large bowel health (plus two other supplements to promote normal bowel function -
(click on the "Store")


Inner GardenTM  - a liquid probiotic 
The Defense System - 60 Trillion & Counting

Effective Microorganisms (EM) and 

A report on Ultimate Digestion Support  
by William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
- "
Ultimate Digestion Support provides my ideal combination of enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics--helping your gut break down your supplements and speed them into your bloodstream, where they can go to work."

HMF- Human Micro Flora Probiotics 
HMF Powder supports the repopulation of good bacteria in the intestinal tract needed for digestive health and immune system function, especially important for children.

Another approach - Restore - - An earth-derived supplement that promotes an optimal gut environment , claims to restore tight junctions.

See also  Gut Health  


How to make your gut more inviting to probiotics

On the other hand here is a caution against supplemental prebiotics (especially Inulin), recommending instead getting them from natural foods.

Synbiotics - contain both a prebiotic and a probiotic that work together to improve the “friendly flora” of the human intestine.  Kefir and yogurt are examples.


Sweeteners and other additives


This Addictive Commonly Used Food Feeds Cancer Cells, Triggers Weight Gain, and Promotes Premature Aging - Dr. Mercola on the dangers of sugar
     Includes a link to Sugar: The Bitter Truth by Robert Lustig, MD, 
     a hard hitting exposé on fructose. Here's a good summary of this 
     rather lengthy lecture

Dr. Blaylock on the influence of sugar and nutrient deficiencies on brain function 

Sugar-Coated, the documentary 

Nancy Appleton - 143 Reasons Sugar Ruins Your Health

Nancy Appleton on Fructose is no answer for a sweetener

WAPF on High Fructose Corn Syrup 

Pancreatic Cancers Use Fructose to Fuel Their Growth 

More info on fructose

Sugars and fermenting probiotics from the Happy Herbalist

Natural sweeteners - contain all the natural vitamin and minerals

Regular sugars (basically sucrose):  

Artificial Sweeteners:

MSG - avoid -

Other carbs  




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