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Eating is an Ethical Decision!
"If you choose to eat mass-produced fast food, you are supporting a network of supply and demand that is destroying local communities and traditional ways of life all over the world -- a system that replaces self-sufficiency with dependence. And you are supporting a method of agriculture that is ecologically unsound, that depletes the soil and leaves harmful chemical residues in our food and in our air and water. But if you eat fresh, locally-grown organic food in season, then you are contributing to the health and stability of local agriculture and local communities. And to put frosting on the cake, you're also giving yourself pleasure -- the pleasure of amazingly delicious food…"

From the Web site of The Land Connection

Kris's Recipes
To eat well from locally and sustainably grown fresh foods requires diligence in the kitchen (or a very special restaurant) and some ideas of what to fix. Kris spends a lot of time in the kitchen, and she thought you might like to try some of her tested recipes. This is a work in progress, so keep checking back for more recipes.