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University of Western States

Just wanted to let everyone know about a new Master's program in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Western States. I started it last quarter and I am loving it. It is all online (except there may be one clinical course towards the end of the degree that you would have to travel for). They are associated with IFM and the courses have been great so far. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a good master's program that goes a bit beyond the basic "dietitian" role. I know I certainly was not interested in just a nutrition master's degree, and the only other thing I was considering was going for an M.S. in nutrition biochemistry but I am SO happy I found this instead. Here's the link to the program if any of you are interested: 

Kelsey Marksteiner, RD,, WAPF-RD group

National Association of Nutrition Professionals,, approves a number of schools for holistic nutrition studies.

Institute of Integrative Nutrition / - Lisa & Diana's school. Both loved the course, but have had trouble making a living doing it. Youíd have to call yourself a health coach.

"Nutritional Therapy Association" /

I just love my program. It is through the Nutritional Therapy Association in Olympia, WA. Classes are offered at community colleges in larger cities on the west coast. It is based on the NT paradigm. Classes meet for a very full weekend once a month for one year and we do a lot of hands-on work learning ways to evaluate people's strengths and weaknesses. We are primarily educators which is what I love most about the program. It is taking all the stuff I've been reading and giving it a framework to pass on to others.
Elaine (chapter leader)
6/06 - They now have a distance learning program.

Hawthorne University - /

Karen Lyke, whoís in our farm club, has her CCN credential for Hawthorne, and now teaches online there. Her phone # 404 993 7097.

Karen wrote this comment to the WAPFPractitioners Yahoo group, 4/18/09:

Hawthorn University is the sequel to Hawthorn Institute. I just heard some presentations by some of their graduates and faculty, including Liz Lipski PhD CCN (faculty), and Julie Matthews CN whose specialty is therapeutic dietary measures for autism. Both were excellent. I did my MS in Human Nutrition with Bridgeport University, an accredited program which Nancy Pickens is just finishing. It's very clinical, with lots of emphasis on testing. It did prepare me well to pass the CCN exam.

The Hawthorn program, where I'm working on my D Sc, and for whose NC and MSHN programs I am an instructor, entails gathering information by reading assigned books & websites, listening to some audio lectures, then completing several written assignments, plus a practical cooking or similar hands on assignment. The demonstrations of proficiency assignments allow for all kinds of creativity, yet demand a solid understanding of the material, are actually fun to do, and make sure that what the student has learned is not just in the head.

Most of the students I work with spontaneously tell me they really enjoyed exploring all the various threads for each module. I mention that doing the assignments is enjoyable, because I've also done a ton of conventional classroom courses, and have often found them draining. With the Hawthorn context, the emphasis is on learning because you want the understanding, not because you have to pass some test -- other than real life. (Graduates are encouraged to sit for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals NANP exam, however.)

The Hawthorn program also helps each student make connections with the broader holistic nutrition and alternative community. It doesn't teach a particular point of view, does expose the student to a variety of perspectives, plus lots of the research and other substantial material underlying various approaches, and cultivates a critical eye toward reviewing that research. I strongly encourage anyone looking to study nutrition and natural healing seriously to give this a good look. Ah yes, each module has a 2-4 month period for completion (with possibility of extensions) but the timing is otherwise very flexible, perfect for the person unable to uproot to commit to regular classroom attendance in a distant place. The website

Certification Program sponsored by Standard Process  

Clayton College of Natural Health - this institution has closed.

National Institute of Whole Health /

University of Bridgeport, Conn has an online MS in Human Nutrition and Nutrition Therapy Institute,,  has an online non-degree program. Both programs apparently recognize and teach about WAPF principles.


Maryland University of Integrative Health

In just three years, Maryland University of Integrative Healthís (MUIH) nutrition program has become one of the largest and most in demand programs in the country due to our unique approach to the study of nutrition and the online availability. Our Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (D.C.N.) will build on our core philosophy that acknowledges the psychological, social, and cultural influences of food and diet, while preparing graduates with advanced nutritional, clinical, and research skills. Graduates of this program will be prepared to provide nutrition counseling and education to private clients as well as for groups and will design programs for communities and organizations. These doctoral-prepared clinicians will also be able to work in a number of health and wellness settings, teach at the college level, publish independent research, and serve in leadership positions in the nutrition and health arena

. The DCN is a post-masterís professional doctorate. Qualified prospective students will have a masterís degree, preferably in nutrition or a comparable field, and must have completed certain prerequisite requirements. The program will be delivered in a hybrid format; over the course of two years, students will complete 42 of the 48 doctoral credits online and study on campus during four weekends to complete the remaining six credits. As part of the program, students will publish independent research and hone clinical skills during an experiential residency program.

MUIH is delighted to have reached this organizational milestone and looks forward to working with the inaugural class of doctoral students in the new year.  You can read the admission and program requirements, course descriptions, program format and schedule, tuition, and financial aid at:

Maryland University of Integrative Health is the leading academic institution for integrative health in the nation. For nearly 40 years, MUIH has educated practitioners in health and wellness through transformative and relationship-centered programs that draw from traditional wisdom and contemporary science.

Maryland University of Integrative Health is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the institutional accrediting agency for colleges and universities in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. In addition, each of our doctoral degree, masterís degree and academic certificate programs have been endorsed by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions for individualized counseling at or 410-888-9048 ext. 6647.