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A healthy body depends on a healthy immune system. Poor immune system function has been associated with cancer, auto-immune diseases, and a host of other ailments. Re-establish and support a healthy immune system and a variety of issues will resolve themselves as the body exerts its healing powers. The miracle is that the Creator has gifted the earth with remarkable healing substances strengthen a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system does not go overboard and attack body tissues, as in autoimmune disease. Here are some things to consider to support a healthy immune system.

The Basics

The foundation of a healthy immune system is a diet of high quality, whole, natural foods. Here are some links to Guidelines for Healthy Eating - see Meal Planning Helps. The immune system is a complex body system that requires the full complement of nutrients (vitamins, mineral, and other substances) to function properly. Thanks to the processing of many of our foods, which destroys or damages many nutrients, and the gradual deterioration of our food supplies, thanks to poor agricultural practices, many of us are short of essential nutrients - Vitamins A, D, E, and Kminerals, magnesium & iodine, and omega-3 essential fats come to mind - supplementing your diet with Superfoods and other dietary supplements is probably wise. Vitamin C is especially important when the immune system is stressed by illness.


Our environment is full of toxins, which interfere with a healthy immune system, so clearing the body of toxins is necessary. Detoxification resources.


The best foods in the world won't help if you digestive system is faulty. Digestive issues are endemic in our society. Here are guides to restoring digestive health.

Cooling Inflammation 
Inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, type II diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Discover 12 Powerful Ways to Reduce Inflammation  by Maria Rickert Hong 

Special Dietary Supplements that strengthen the immune system:

Talk with your doctor about these therapies. Here's where to look if you need a doctor who understands nutrition and alternate therapies.

Avemar or Ave 
Developed in Hungary, Avemar is a remarkable fermented wheat germ extract, available in the USA as Ave.  Click on "Research" to see how it has been used. A source: 

Epicor - balances the immune system, etc.  Originally developed at a yeast-based food for horses, called Diamond V XPC Green, the story is interesting indeed.  I read about Epicor in Dr. David Willams' newsletter, Alternatives, Sept. 2007 (see also Selenium). It was big news. A friend even got hold of a big bag and shared some and it was delicious sprinkled on food!  
Now you can only get the powder if you are a supplement maker
so you have to buy the supplement 
but I suspect that regular nutritional yeast from the health food store is similar.

Fucoidan - derived from brown algae seaweed 
"Fucoidan has been scientifically proven to enhance immunity and cellular health to the point where it helps heal wounds, supports normal blood pressure, detoxifies the body against heavy metals, helps prevent the common colds and flu as well as, yes fight Cancer."

Poly-MVA (Palladium Lipoic Acid Complex)    
 A uniquely-formulated dietary supplement containing a proprietary blend of the mineral palladium bonded to alpha-lipoic acid, Vitamins B1, B2 and B12, formyl-methionine, N-acetyl cysteine, plus trace amounts of molybdenum, rhodium, and ruthenium...
  While it's most significant use is in the fight against cancer, Poly-MVA's lack of toxicity, as well as its many revitalizing and healing effects on cell function, make it a superlative cellular nutrient for other prevention of degenerative diseases and support of optimal health and quality of life.  More info here and here

Other things of interest

Low Dose Naltrexone - 
A very special way of using a well-know drug to boost the immune system: 

Could This Powerful Breakthrough Beat Cancer and Auto-Immune Diseases?
" very low dosages (3 to 4.5 mg - and sometimes even less), naltrexone has immunomodulating properties that may be able to successfully treat cancer malignancies, and a wide range of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, and Crohn's disease, just to name
a few."

Dr. Cowen, a WAPF board member, also likes low dose naltrexone
Low-Dose Naltrexone and Dietary Changes for the Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases - an interview of Dr. Cowen by Dr. Mercola 

Phoenix Helix -  Reversing Autoimmune Disease Through the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle. Interview with Dr. Cowen related to low dose Naltrexone (with good written Show Notes)

See also here


Other alternative approaches to stubborn health problems

National Vaccination Information Center 

Dr. Tenpenny's Vaccine Information Center www.DrTenpenny. com 

The facts on squalene in vaccines - how injection of this natural substance in our bodies can screw up the immune system, by Dr. Mercola

Here's a bit about the function and benefits of squalene 

More on vaccines


"Complex Body System"???

If all this seems overwhelming here's a place to start:

Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Your Diet

Jordan Rubin suggests you start out with a big heavy plastic bag and toss out all the processed foods in your kitchen. Then shop the fruit/veggie, meat, diary sections of your grocery store. -
Jordan's amazing story of healing from immune system breakdown

Shop organic as much as you can - or local and sustainably grown.

Take it one step at a time!

Get some high quality cod liver oil and take it!

If you'd just like to take some pills and be done with it, consider this:
How to Get Sick: A Modern Prescription for Illness

Paul Yeager's remarkable story of restoring his immune system
Immune: How I Beat AIDS in My Kitchen





Now, of course, the story has vanished. Too much money to be made selling the human product. But you can see it here and here.