The Ultimate Diet Book?

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A note to friends and family concerning what may be the ultimate diet book:

April 30, 2003

Dear Friends,

For some months I have been regularly reading items from Dr. Mercola's newsletter and on his Web site  <>  - hoards of good information, definitely alternative and preventive medicine. If we all followed his nutritional and lifestyle advice our national health care bill would plummet! And there is a refreshing lack of commercialism on his Web site, as he is not in the pockets of the drug companies and "drugs/surgery is the answer to everything" medical profession who fight alternative medicine every inch of the way. Now he has come out with a book to put the essence of his approach to good health down in black and white, a book that I can recommend wholeheartedly - The No-Grain Diet. It is, of course, a diet book (some 60% plus of us are overweight - I don't think a publisher will touch a nutrition book that isn't a diet book!), but if you look beyond that part you will see a recipe for good health, and healing from many of the pains that plague us. I hope you will look at this "Special Letter from Me to You on Improving Your Health, and the System, for Good", which tells about the book and his philosophy and vision for a healthier America.

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Peace be with you - and good health,