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I have just been reading the most extraordinary book about God's good gift of milk from contented, grazing cows,
The Untold Story of Milk
by Ron Schmid, ND

My thoughts as I read the book:

Did you realize that of all growing things, the grasses contain the greatest number and the greatest variety of those life-giving elements, the vitamins and minerals, --- but man cannot digest grass.

Did you know that the Pilgrims struggled with disease and ill health in the first years after they arrived in this country, until they received a shipment of cows from the old country. Their well cared for animals, turned the abundant and nourishing grass into wonderfully healthy milk, which restored the health of the people, and in fact provided the basis for a prosperous and thriving Pilgrim community. (Think of Abraham of the Bible and his wealth-providing flocks)

Did you realize that early in the 20th century fresh, unprocessed milk from cows raised on well tended pasture was used by the Mayo Clinic as a very effective treatment program for a wide variety of diseases that still plague us today. (When properly nourished the human body works very well!)  Unfortunately this program died with the advent of more glamorous treatments, such as antibiotics, and the commercialization of the dairy industry, with the resultant demise of farms producing this wonderfully health-giving milk.

The story of how the industrialization of milk, with cows fed waste products of other industries and denied access to good health giving pasture, and cared for in careless and unsanitary fashion, led to the call to pasteurize all milk to overcome the resulting poor quality of the milk supply is told in the book. It is an unbelievable story of greed, misinformation and corruption. The effects of poorly raised dairy cows and pasteurization are such that many people now do not tolerate milk, and health professionals often call for eliminating milk from the diet, because of the many illnesses that have been linked to milk (always pasteurized milk).

But in fact un-pasteurized raw whole milk from well cared for cows fed on well managed pasture has rarely been associated with disease, and has been the foundation of good health for peoples around the globe for thousands of years. Dr. Weston A. Price documented this fact in his research of healthy traditional societies back in the 1930's (Think Swiss mountain valley people and the Masai of East Africa). It is doubtful that the white settlers would have advanced west so rapidly if they had not brought along their animals that could feed on the grasses of the prairie and provide a daily ration of health-giving raw milk, which retained those good qualities and was highly valued even after it soured.

How did we arrive at the situation where such an excellent food, properly produced raw milk, is condemned by the authorities and feared by the population in general? As has happened in so many areas of our lives, there was money to be made, and influence to be peddled, and misinformation to be disseminated. Raw milk from properly raised cows is difficult to commercialize, so there were powerful forces that worked to demonize this gift from nature, and spread misleading and erroneous information about it and influence the opinions of health authorities and politicians in the process. The stories of this process in the book are ugly! Money talks so loudly that reporters who have tried to reveal the extent of this corruption have been soundly squelched - hence I feel compelled to use word of mouth to let you know how your opinions have been manipulated.

How many of you remember the days when small dairy farms dotted the countryside and cows peacefully grazing in the fields were a common sight. Some of you, or your parents or grandparents, no doubt benefited from the wonderful milk that came straight from those farms. Do you realize that the demise of most of these farms was the result of deliberate government policy to turn milk into a cheap commodity! We are only beginning to understand the full repercussions of these policies - widespread milk intolerance, mushrooming obesity and chronic disease, children who can't learn and suffer previously unheard of maladies, to say nothing of dying farm communities, poverty and unemployment - all of which have been linked to the demise of the small family farm, which was the foundation of the wealth of this country.

If all this leads you to throw up your hands in despair, there is something you can do! Seek out a farmer who does still have some cattle. Tell him that if he raises his cows properly on good pasture, you are willing to pay him a good price to obtain this wonderfully healthy liquid (You may have to buy a share in the cow or farm to do this legally.). If enough of us did this, the farmer could make a good living, and more people would abandon the city rat-race and return to the life of farming. We would be a strong voice to our politicians to stop their unjustified vendetta against raw milk, and give us the freedom to choose raw milk for it's health giving properties - even re-institute the certification processes that assured the cleanliness of raw milk for sale in local stores. The ramifications could be wide-spread - unemployment would decline (productions of raw milk cannot be out-sourced to China, or even Mexico) restoring prosperity to our communities, medical expenses would decline because of our improved health, our children would be happy and healthy again and able to learn because of their greatly improved nutrition. Industries that exploit our willingness to buy highly processed, nutrient depleted foods because they are cheap and tasty (thanks to chemical flavorings) would decline as we realized that value of nourishing whole foods. Industries that thrive on our ill health would shrink. Workers who lost their jobs would find satisfying work helping those farmers, or producing and selling all kinds of services and products to those now prosperous farmers - small businesses would thrive.

Your friend,

Kris Johnson

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