Conferences Notes


Growing Connections 2008
Kensington Metropark Farm Center. Milford, Michigan
Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Sponsored by Healthy Traditions Network
& The Metro Detroit Chapter of the WESTON A PRICE FOUNDATION

Restaurant that provided food - pure food 2U

Osteoporosis, Dr. Richard Ng - (Browstein's books)

  • 28 million US citizens have osteoporosis
  • bisphosphonate is bad for the jawbone and dentists know it.
  • All minerals are needed for healthy bones - digestion is a problem
  • Hormone balance - Estradiol decreases osteoclastic activity, progesterone increases osteoblastic activity. Testosterone and DHEA are anabolic. Growth hormone anabolic in deep sleep. Cortisol is catabolic leads to inc. glucose
  • EFA - chronic inflammatin due to pollutants, high sugar, catabolic. good books Inflammation Syndrome, Inflammation Nation, Inflammation Free Diet Plan
  • pH - bones are mineral reserve. Vitamin A crucial (drug industry makes us fearful of A), B, C, D, E, K, Ca, P, Mg all need to be in balance.
  • Mg - 300 enzyme systems, mobilized under stress and "pee"ed out
  • Stimulation needed - walking running
  • Electrical, magnetic Books - Myth of Osteoporosis, Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis
  • Tranquility and joy needed
  • check first morning urine for pH - to lower pH more veggies, ACV
  • Donald Miller on fluoride
  • Iodination of pools - Baquacil - hyperoxide based polymer
  • Iodine needs greater that they used to be because of toxins. Toxins are drifting into our environment - antibiotics in milk.
  • simple cleanses

Detoxification - Dr. Ng


World's First Healthy Coffee ( )

Environmental inspection , S Daniel Welch, 800-294-6564 or 248-566-1068

Flower Seed Papers - used in Chiropractic Naturally flier "Green Your Health Care"

Thermology to detect breast cancer - Therma-Scan Inc  

Celtic Sea Salt -  
Selina Naturally™ Salts - natural salts from other areas 

Mich Chiropractic Pediatric Asso (& other links) -  - Door to Door Organics - Vaccinations  video by Mary Tocco & Phillip DeMio, MD - 

Network Spinal Analysis  mentioned by 
Eric M. Mintz D.C., W. Bloomfield, MI, 248-737-9494 

Thera-Blend Enzymes 

Creative Horizons - Pam Tracy Davison, MI  810-653-2615  (w20)

Clinical social worker, therapist, and holistic practitioner, educating women how to improve lymph and circulatory systems thru nutrition, exercise and custom fitted healthy bras. Source of Eco-Clean All Purpose Cleaner
Found this info at Earth Day Expo - Michigan's largest annual Earth Day celebration

Neurofeedback for a Flexible Brain Mary StClair

Compounding Pharmacy - Health Dimensions  Specialty Pharmacy, Farmington Hills, MI 800-836-2303 - There is also one in Perrysburg

Cow shares - Zimba's Organic Country Market 989-872-2680, located in thumb of MI

Garden of Life - Vitamin Code -  - Perfect Food - fuco-THIN
Extraordinary Health magazine - includes raw recipes from Paul Nison - refers to Saladacco Spiral Slicer

Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center  Plan C Conference