Health Newsletters I have found useful:

Dr. David Brownstein, MD, Dr. Brownstein's Holistic Medicine - 

Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO, - 

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, PhD, The Alternative-Doctor 

Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD, The Blaylock  Wellness Report - 

Dr. Bruce West, DC, Health Alert 

Dr. David Williams, DC, Alternatives -

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Health Summits Spring 2016:
I have not evaluated most of these, but some of the presenters are names I recognize as being 
good sources of information. They have been free for a week or so, 
but now you'll have to purchase the set of presentations. If you get on their list you may
have an opportunity for follow-up free sessions.

  1. The Truth about Cancer

  2. The Cancer Summit 

  3. The Anxiety Summit
    hosted by Trudy Scott, CN
    Her book: The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution

  4. The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 
    Some fascinating info about Lyme  Disease.

  5.  The Fat Summit - very much pro-good fats.

  6. The Food Revolution Summit
    There are some vegan-leaning presenters, but maybe they are learning
    to appreciate grass-fed meat.

  7. Women's Health Summit 

  8. The Fat Loss Summit (pretty much Paleo, I think)

  9. Autism Hope Summit

  10. The Diabetes Summit

  11. Women's Wellness Summit - not sure if this is WAFP friendly, but I see paleo mentioned
    and bone broth and butter mentioned on a couple websites.

  12. Earth Day Summit

  13. Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention - Homeoprophylaxis

  14. The Microbiome Medicine Summit

  15. The Most Radiant Life Ever Summit
    Host Kelly Bradley with Dr. Jay Davidson

  16. Healing Cancer In This Century -

  17. The Vitamin Summit

  18. The Hay House World Summit - May 2016 - billed as
    The World’s Largest Health and Wellness Eventa lot of spiritual, self empowerment stuff, but I did see someone talking about fermented foods and bone broth.

  19. The Global Health Summit - June 2016 - focusing on lasting weight loss

  20. Healing Hashimoto's Summit - June 2016

  21. The Fibro-Fix Summit - June 2016

  22. The Sleep Success Summit - Aug 2016

  23. The Truth About Cancer - Ultimate LIVE Symposium
    a rather expensive actual event, Oct. 14-16, 2016 in Dallas area

  24. The Real Truth About Health Conference - Sept 2016 
    Some of the 'experts' are  vegans, has an anti-meat bias

  25. The Thriving Child Summit - September 2016

  26. The Fat Summit 2 - October 2016

  27. The Thyroid Connection - October 2016

  28. The Wellness Session - October 2016

  29. The Homesteading Summit - Fall 2016

  30. Pain Free Living - January 2017

  31. The Autoimmune Summit - Jan-Feb 2017

  32. Tapping World Summit - Feb-March 2017

  33. The Thyroid Secret - March 2017

  34. Powerful Beyond Measure Summit - March 2017

  35. The Diabetes Summit 2017 - March 2017

  36. The Natural Cure Summit - starts March 22, 2017

  37. Autism Recovery Summit 2 - April 7-16, 2017