Nutrition and Body Energies

By Charles T. McGee MD, author of
Miracle Healing From China…Qigong
Healing Energies of Heat and Light

Heart Frauds

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An interest in energy medicine leads to an interest in the energetic properties of food and their effect on the body. The currently taught "analytic" approach to nutrition has many shortcomings. When gross inconsistencies arise they tend to be ignored.

For example, in 2002 results were made public of a diet experiment in which subjects ate either the commonly recommended high carbohydrate diet or the high fat and protein Atkins diet. After three months people in the Atkins group lost an average of 30 pounds compared to only 15 pounds on the high carbohydrate diet yet all ate 2,500 calories per day. No attempt was made to explain how or why this occurred.

A few years ago American researchers studied diets in China. Chinese women consumed only 400 mg. of calcium per day and had no osteoporosis. In the US the RDA for calcium is 1,500 mg. and osteoporosis is common. Throughout history there were no cows in China which meant the Chinese people were limping along in good health on only 3 food groups.

This demonstrates something more is going on in the body beyond the numerical values of the intake of nutrients. How the body processes and assimilates the mixture of foods ingested is far more important than simple nutrient intake levels.

Nutritional "science" does not recognize the importance of energetic properties of foods. Historically the Chinese did when they recommended eating "living" foods, meaning foods as fresh as possible and prepared in ways that do not destroy living energies.

Through the past 30 years I have developed an appreciation of the importance of living energies in foods. These experiences have led to two conclusions: (1) Not only are processed and refined foods nutrient depleted, they bring with them harmful energetic properties that can damage our bodies. (2) Fresh whole foods contain energetic properties that are good for us that maintain good health and can help us heal.

There is no way to prove these conclusions to a nuts-and-bolts scientist. There are an incredibly large number of variables in the picture, far beyond the investigatory capacity of modern science. Also, no research funds are available to fund simple innovative ideas that sound crazy to well established concepts.

What we have done over the past 200 years represents a massive experiment on ourselves. Because of the industrial revolution our bodies now contain small levels of tens of thousands of petrochemical products as well as 500 to 1,000 times the amounts of heavy metals such as lead and mercury found in 500 year old Peruvian Indian bones. There is no way to measure what these pollutants may be doing in our bodies. In addition to this we drastically altered the quality of our food supply with a gradual shift from all fresh whole food diets to processed and refined foods. This development alone had a severe impact on health.

Although not aware of it at the time my interest in nutrition began when I worked as a young obstetrician for a year treating Indians in the mountains of Ecuador in 1965. Our hospital was the only source of medical care for 320,000 Indians, but there were seldom more than 40 patients in the hospital at one time. Absent in the Indians were our modern diseases such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, osteoporosis, tooth decay, acne, allergies, and a long list of others. These conditions are referred to as diseases of physical degeneration and the serious ones fill our hospitals and kill us.

The absence of diseases of physical degeneration was observed worldwide in primitive settings but this pattern disappeared with the advent of modern civilization. Modern medicine accepts this disease pattern shift as factual but admits it lacks an explanation. For lack of an understanding the diseases are treated as separate each complete with institutes, philanthropic organizations, fund raising efforts, different treatments, etc. No common connection is seen, but there is one.

Weston A. Price DDS was a pioneer in the quest to solve this enigma. Dr. Price traveled the world between 1930 and 1940 searching for the causes of tooth decay and he discovered a lot more than that. Primitive people remained almost totally free of tooth decay, crooked teeth, and diseases of physical degeneration as long as they remained isolated from modern commerce and its foods. However, when a store opened selling what is commonly called "junk foods" the next babies born grew up to have decay in 30 to 50% of their teeth. It didn't stop there. Jaws did not grow to their full potential so teeth came in crooked. Price blamed the "foods of commerce" such as candy bars, soda pop, jam, jelly, white flour crackers, etc.

Price looked at this observation from every angle. Eventually he found he could examine the mouths of children, get their ages, then accurately tell what year the store opened. Also, if a mother had children with problems but went back on the basic primitive diet and gave up eating foods from the store completely, her next child was healthy, similar to those born before the store opened.

Trying to explain this observation on the basis of a reduction in the intake of nutrients falls short. Multinational corporations didn't pay uneducated natives high wages so it was common that people could afford to buy only 10 to 15% of their food at the store. The remainder of the diet was composed of the fresh foods they gathered or grew previously, yet the deleterious changes occurred anyway. This remained an unsolved problem for decades until we considered the possibility that processed and junk foods have destructive energetic properties. Having qigong* masters available to sense energies of foods and supplements also helped in the process.

Another nutrition pioneer was Francis Pottenger MD who conducted an animal feeding study in 1945. He divided cats into four groups and fed them a basic diet of raw red meat, raw milk, and cod liver oil. In one cage all of the food was raw. In other cages some of the raw food was replaced with similar heat-treated foods, such as pasteurized milk, sweet condensed milk, and cooked meat.

Cats in the all-raw food cage stayed healthy through four generations. Cats on heat-treated foods became progressively sicker with each subsequent generation and developed a pattern of degenerative diseases similar to that seen in humans. By the fourth generation they were suffering stillbirths, reabsorbed fetuses, and birth defects, and could no longer reproduce. At that low point in the study survivors were placed on the all-raw food diet. Recovery occurred but it took four generations before the cats regained good health.

There was one exception. A second-generation degenerating cooked food cat escaped from its cage and lived in the neighborhood gathering its own raw food. The cat kept its distance but was observed to slowly regained its health.

Dr. Price's book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, a video of his work, and videotape and papers published by Dr. Pottenger are available through the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, PO Box 2641, La Mesa CA 91943-2614. Online at

Another pioneer was British epidemiologist TL Cleave MD. Cleave found that the entry of modern foods into diets of primitive societies led to the onset of diseases of physical degeneration. However, the process took 20 to 30 years and this obscured the connection. Cleave never found an exception to the pattern. His work culminated a book for the public, The Saccharine Disease (saccharine means sweet), currently out of print.

There may actually be one exception but it occurred after Cleave retired. In 1955 the "Defense Early Warning" line (DEW Line) was being constructed across northern Canada and Alaska to warn us of incoming Russian Nukes. Eskimos were hired to build radar stations and air bases. Overnight they gave up their lifestyle as food gatherers and eaters of raw meat (Eskimo means eater of raw meat), moved to town, and switched to an all processed food diet that arrived by air freight. Diseases of physical degeneration began to appear in only 10 to 20 years instead of the usual 20 to 30. (Shaeffer, Otto, When the Eskimo Comes to Town, Nutrition Today 1971; Nov-Dec pp 8-16 )

I would like to present several other examples where following a fresh food diet or abandoning it had an impact on the health of humans. One example of the benefits of fresh foods is in Japanese WW II soldiers who hid in jungles of SE Asia for up to 40 years waiting for orders. Living on fresh whole foods they remained slender, free of tooth decay, and in the best of health.

Another example is of the benefits of cold processed supplements from organic plant origin is the Standard Process Company in Wisconsin. Standard Process produces its supplements from organic plants they grown on their own farms. The company has been successful for over 60 years and confines its sales to health professionals, mainly naturopaths and chiropractors.

When I traveled to Hainan Province in China in 1990 (near Hong Kong) I again encountered the disease pattern I saw in Ecuador in the 1960s. In the past Hainan Province was a part of Canton Province and its finances were controlled by the mainland city of Canton. No developmental money went to Hainan Island leaving it in an undeveloped state, most of it lacking paved roads and electricity. Specialists at the main hospital in Haikou told me almost no patients were seen with heart attacks, stokes, high blood pressure, or diabetes, and there were no birth defects. In addition, large numbers of people lived to be over 100 though they only admitted to being 99 regardless how old they became. Sounds like the cat experiment doesn't it?

In 1990 the diet was still composed of fresh foods. Vendors sold vegetables door-to-door that were harvested only hours before. Human and animal waste was recycled into fertilizer in the traditional manner. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers were used because of their cost. Fish were carried home from the market swimming in buckets of ocean water. If you planned a chicken dinner the first step was to catch the chicken.

The Chinese cook everything but don't thoroughly cook anything with the exception of meat, fish, and rice. Almost all foods are cooked very rapidly in woks whose bottoms are super-heated over red-hot pieces of coal. This seals the outside of vegetables but leaves the inside crisp and crunchy, nearly raw. Unfortunately the Chinese are being seduced into eating refined carbohydrates, processed foods, deep fried foods, fast foods, candy, and desserts and their disease pattern is changing following the classic disease pattern shift. I was told farmers trade three sacks of whole brown rice for one sack of the cleaner polished white rice.

Another example of the health maintaining properties of raw foods is that of animals in the wild. Most wild animals remain free of degenerative diseases as long as food supplies are adequate. Animals in captivity fed cooked commercial foods or table scraps develop degenerative diseases as do our pets.

Muscle testing is controversial but I have seen good things come from it even though not everyone can do it (I do it poorly). About 80% of people test weak when they hold a refined sugar cube in their hand. This is an example of a processed food having a negative impact on our energy system. Seldom does holding a raw sugar cane stalk produce weakness. The explanation may be that processing of sugar involves heat treatment and various chemicals may be used including formaldehyde to sterilize large cooking vats.

Another opinion comes from Russ Hume Hall PhD, former professor of biochemistry at McMaster's University in Canada and author of the book Food for Naught. Dr. Hall once told us what he would do if he became ill. The more seriously ill he became the more raw food he would consume. This means he would need to cooperate with a farmer in overseeing the raising of a steer for meat and a cow for raw milk (there are risks in eating raw fish).

Recently five diet gurus discussed their diet plans on television. On one extreme was Dr. Dean Ornish promoting his very low fat diet. On the other extreme was the late Dr. Robert Atkins with his low carbohydrate high fat/protein diet. As I see it all five diet plans presented can work, but I believe they work for reasons far removed from beliefs of the promoters.

There is a common factor in all five diets that does not seem to be appreciated. All require the elimination of refined carbohydrates (white flour products, white rice, white sugar, corn syrup, etc.) and processed foods (foods run through factories ending up in containers). Foods are prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients. Another way of looking at this is that in all of the diets, people are placed on variations of successful primitive diets of the past. Isn't it remarkable how returning to an old approach can work wonders?

How can these observations be explained? The problem is nobody knows everything that happens to food after it is ingested (no body knows why the body works or what life is either!). Followers of the analytic approach to nutrition (as taught in our universities) convert everything into numbers as they measure nutrient levels in diets. The history of nutritional science demonstrates the pitfalls of this approach that gave us hospital food. There are also thousands of components of foods (phytochemicals) about which little is known. It turns out foods are very complex. By reducing everything to easily measured and manipulated numbers I believe the field of nutrition can't tell the forest from the trees. These people don't realize either the importance of their own field or its limitations as currently applied.

The alternate view of nutrition is the anthropological approach as represented by Price and Cleave. In this approach observations are made of the effects of dietary changes on health patterns. What must be concluded is that eating Mother Nature's fresh whole foods is a better way to go and eating processed and refined foods leads to poor health even though amounts consumed may be small.

After being involved in "energy medicine" since 1974 I now favor an explanation based on energies that is compatible with the anthropologic approach to nutrition. Observing qigong masters since 1987 taught me the importance of maintaining a good energetic balance in the body.

Since 1995 I have come to trust Rodger's energetic sensing of items he holds in his hands and "feels." Over an 8 year period Rodger tested literally thousands of vitamins, minerals, herbs, other supplements, lights, magnets, vibrating instruments, frequency generating devices, you name it. In all that time he failed to find a supplement product that stood head and shoulders above the rest.

His quest came to an end in March of 2003. The product is made from organically grown fruits and vegetables that are cold processed to remove water, sugar, and salt. Large volumes of fruits and vegetables are reduced to a powder. Rodger first held the products, then swallowed them. Soon he felt energy tingling through his body and the white/red color pattern of his palm (qigong pattern) became more pronounced. He was in seventh heaven and at last could recommend a daily supplement product for the first time. He also feels this product will work synergistically with other parts of his healing program.

Therefore, I find myself doing what I never believed I would do: recommending a product that is sold through network marketing. This is quite amazing to me.

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