On cholesterol test results

I have had high lipids and been on medication since diagnosed back in the 80's.  I was the "poster child" for and instructed others on low fat living. This year I decreased my lipitor to 10mg, and began consuming raw milk, raw butter, cod liver oil, and other basics from Nourishing Traditions, WAPF, etc. just a few months ago.  I had my labs done this week, and was honestly very nervous about  the results.  I thought my labs would be off the charts, but am happy to report they are the best they've ever been. Total 216 [of no concern], HDL 83 [low risk], LDL 115 [low risk], and triglycerides 91[low risk]. Just wanted to share this with you,  as it certainly supports everything I learned from you and WAPF. 
                                                                                 Kathy - 8/25/10

On the value of spring grass:

I too look forward to spring milk. We would actually be suspect if the milk didn't change. As many of you know, I have had Leukemia for going on 9 years now. I was told I had only 7 to 10 to live. I still have not had any chemo or radiation. I have only had IVIG and monoclonal antibody infusions. I was going down the slippery slope before I found Kris Johnson. She steared me in the right direction of the WAPF lifestyle. Since drinking fresh raw milk I have not had to get another infusion of IVIG (immunoglobulins). I was getting them every 4 to 6 weeks. I get the live Immunoglobulins from the fresh milk.
     I have done exhaustive research on the health benefits of grasses.
So much so, that we have trays of it growing indoors year round. We harvest fresh barley grass daily and juice it. Our chickens also benefit from the barley grass. They love it. You should see them in January when I open their door. They jump to pull the grass out of the bucket.
     I remember the day I said I would drink camel urine if it would help me. Do you think fresh spring milk is more appealing than camel urine? Boy I do! My life depends on the best fresh milk possible. I thank God that Ralph & Sheila make sure our cows are fed GRASS.
                                                                                 Vicki - 4/28/10

More cholesterol tests

Pardon me for getting medical, but I wanted to display the positive changes in my health screening, due in great part to following a WAP lifestyle.

The previous results were from two years ago. I only became aware of Weston A. Price one year ago. Eating well, combined with moderate exercise (~150 minutes/week walking on a treadmill) have certainly made a difference.

Total Cholesterol 205 (down from 267)

LDL 126.5 (down from 161.6)

HDL 46 (up from 41.2) (going up is good for this one)

Trigliceride 162 (down from 321)

Glucose 107 (down from 128)

Cardiac risk 4.4 (down from 6.5)

Weight 164 lbs (down from 190)

                                                                Don   5/10/09