*Back Eating for Vibrant Health Class Handouts (*.pdf files)
1 Wise Kitchen Traditions for Dining Health - Lets Do A Pantry makeover
2 Eating for  Vibrant Health - Achieving a Healthy Weight 
3 Salt - Its Place in a Healthy Life * Dangers of Salt Restriction
4 Nourishing Our Children  * Handouts
5 Vegetarian Vitals
6 Juicing for Health - Enzymes, the Spark of Life * Fats, Minerals, & Superfoods
7 Fermentation Class - Fabulous Ferments * Handouts and more 
8 Achieving A Healthy Immune System  
9 Cravings - understanding & overcoming food addictions - links mentioned in class  
10 Nourishing A Healthy Brain   
11 Protect Yourself from Cancer with Food   
12 Diabetes - Avoid becoming part of that statistic (2-up) * 6-up Print Version * Dietary Guidelines * Good Foods 
13 Living the Pain-Free Life - Acheiving pain-free joints and muscles 
14 Digestive Wellness - The Foundation of Health  * Dietary Guidelines * Good Foods 
The Discoveries of Weston A. Price, DDS (Price Pottenger Foundation trifold brochure)
15 Achieving a Healthy Weight (2-up pdf file) 
16 Strong Healthy Bones - What's the Secret?  An excellent summary article
17 Eating Local & Healthy on a Budget  
18 The Paleo Approach * More on Paleo
19 Detoxing in a Toxic Environment. Restore, a possible aid in healing "leaky gut" (my notes)
20 Nutrition and Behavior * Nutrition for Mental Health (WAPF flier)
Gardening for Maximum Nutrition * Making your own soil * Complete Organic Fertilizer * Growing high brix produce 
  Soil Mineral Balancing
  Brix Poster
  Silicon: the Aristocrat, by Hugh Lovel (AcresUSA Dec. 2010)
  Modern Miracle Men: Dr. Charles Northen, who builds health from the ground up, By Rex Beach (US Senate document No 264, 1936)
  Odd & Ends
  WestonPricePPT  HandoutA  DietaryGuide
  Prizm 1 presentation   ***  Prizm 2 presentation