These are some WAPF-friendly nutrition programs that have been recommended to me. Let me know if you want further info about a program that I have squirreled away in my email  (see notes in parentheses). Can't guarantee that all links are up-to-date.

The NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals), www.nanp.org approves a number of schools for holistic nutrition studies. 

Hawthorne University
Karen Lyke, who lives near Whitehouse, OH, has recently completed her PhD from Hawthorne and is on the faculty there. (See Karen Lyke's comments 4/18/09 in WAPFPractioners folder)

Institute of Integrative Nutrition http://www.integrativenutrition.com/ - My co-leader, Lisa Bowe, attended this program and could tell you more about it.

"Nutritional Therapy Association"
I just love my program. It is through the Nutritional Therapy Association in
Olympia, WA. Classes are offered at community colleges in larger cities on
the west coast. It is based on the NT paradigm. Classes meet for a very full
weekend once a month for one year and we do a lot of hands-on work learning
ways to evaluate people's strengths and weaknesses. We are primarily
educators which is what I love most about the program. It is taking all the
stuff I've been reading and giving it a framework to pass on to others."
Elaine (WAPF chapter leader)
6/06 - They now have a distance learning program - (See Elaine's 6/17/06 email 
and 6/28/07 email from Sandi Baze in Nour Trad folder)

Master's program for RD's:
Just wanted to let everyone know about a new Master's program in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Western States. I started it last quarter and I am loving it. It is all online (except there may be one clinical course towards the end of the degree that you would have to travel for). They are associated with IFM and the courses have been great so far. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a good master's program that goes a bit beyond the basic "dietitian" role. I know I certainly was not interested in just a nutrition master's degree, and the only other thing I was considering was going for an M.S. in nutrition biochemistry but I am SO happy I found this instead. Here's the link to the program if any of you are interested: http://www.uws.edu/Academic_Programs/MS_Nutrition_and_Functional_Medicine.aspx
Kelsey Marksteiner, RD, kmarksteiner@gmail.com, WAPF-RD group

International Foundation for Nutrition and Health  http://www.ifnh.org/Certification_information.htm Sponsored by Standard Process

American Health Science University - CN credential www.ahsu.edu
AHSU/NINE is an adult, distance learning institution that offers Certified Nutritionist CN™ program and Master's Degree in Nutrition Science program
Sheryl Shenefelt, listed on this site along with Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, has certification from this place:
Mentioned here http://nourishingyourfamily.com/parlor.html 

Clayton College of Natural Health www.ccnh.edu  

National Institute of Whole Health http://www.wholehealtheducation.com/   

University of Bridgeport, Conn has an online MS in Human Nutrition and
Nutrition Therapy Institute http://www.ntischool.com/
has an online non-degree program. Both programs apparently recognize and
teach about WAPF principles.

Other useful links:

American Association of Drugless Practitioners http://www.aadp.net/ 

American Alternative Medical Association http://www.joinaama.com/

American College for Advancement in Medicine http://www.acam.org/

International College for Integrative Medicine www.icimed.com