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Organic Gardening Forum




Unfortunately the Organic Gardening Forum is no longer meeting. Contact Kris if you'd like to see something get started again!

See Gardening For Maximum Nutrition for useful information for organic gardeners.

This forum is dedicated to offering you insights into your community, drawing on the farming traditions of the past as well as modern strides of organic methods.

If you are new to organic gardening, or just want to make a difference in preserving a natural environment, this forum is for you.

Our intentions in this organic community are to make all the information you may need available to you so you can make informed choices for you and your lifestyle.



this group is made up of individuals who wish to pursue an organic lifestyle and wish to share ideas on being better stewards of the environment. SIMPLE AT THAT!

In today's world we are seeing many things changing, including our agricultural practices. These changes have taken some of the food we buy and consume into a scientific realm. In the process, information about many ingredients and practices is not being passed on to us as consumers. It is our hope that together we can explore safe and healthy option.


Some things you can expect from the forum:

  • How to maintain your yard and garden naturally

  • Tips and methods for making the change to organic

  • Sources for organic food and garden products

  • Discussion of food safety and current environmental issues

  • References and links to organic methods and lifestyle choices

  • A willingness to share and learn from others

  • A very dedicated community


"The homegrown tomato requires no fuel in its transport, no packaging to be sent to the landfill, no political decisions about who will be allowed to work the fields or what level of pollutants is acceptable to our groundwater."

- John Jeavons, How to Grow More Vegetables




The Forum meets the THIRD Thursday of each month
in the BOOK CENTER at the
577 Foundation,
573 East Front Street, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

Meetings are on hold for now. Call Vicki 
if you'd like to see things started again.


Contact us at:

Or call Vicki at 419-832-0742 or
Kris at 419-836-7637


Some Links you might find useful

The Organic Gardening Forum is a chapter of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA). There is much info at their Web site.

Gardening and Farming

Here's a Yahoo newsgroup started by one of our members: