Dot's Garden

Her amazing birch plus work always in progress!

Dot working in her garden

Garden art - the eucalyptus tree in the boulevard drops huge amounts of massive leaves!

Enchanting wild geranium - blooming among the leaves in October!


A Tour of Kris's Garden

Peach blossoms in March

The anemones spread around the spring garden

Wild Blue Indigo in June

The water lily blooming in the pond

Stately purple Ironweed blooming in July

The passion flower vine overruns its pot and climbs all over, and blooms

After many years of being ignored, Spirit finally takes a liking to her bed!

The Goldrush apple, a delicious late fall green apple, was overloaded this year!





War is Not the Answer!

Egged on by the Hawks of Doom, Obama sinks America
into a misguided war with the Islamic State
in November 2014 issue of Hightower Lowdown.

Itís Not the Koran, Itís Us,
by Leonard Goodman -- on our country's part in radicalizing Moslems
in January 2015 issue of In These Times
(a pdf copy, but should be online in a month or so)