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Companionship Sunday
January 6, 2008

Worship Materials

Insert for Companionship Sunday Worship Folders - Please duplicate as needed

Prayer of the Church
for use Epiphany Sunday

Dodoma Mission Ministry insert with information for bulletins and church newsletters

Copy of the Remittance Form to be used to forward Tanzania Mission Ministry Offering to the Synod Office. Please include a copy of this form with your church's remittance

On this day of Epiphany, we are asking every congregation in the Northwest Ohio Synod to light a candle and to pray for our brothers and sisters in Dodoma Diocese of Tanzania and the Slovak Lutheran Church in Serbia.
Each congregation is encouraged to receive an offering for the ministry and support for the Tanzania Missions.

The Global Missions Board &
Companionship Church Relationships

"A companion church relationship exists for the purpose of strengthening one another for life and mission within the body of Christ. It offers us the privilege of participating in the life of another church through prayer, study, communication and exchanges of persons and resources. It opens our eyes to the global challenge that Christ offers us today and calls us to deepen our commitment and discipleship as individual persons and as a community of faith."

In May 1995, Bishop James Rave signed the initial covenant with the Dodoma Diocese of Tanzania to enter a relationship, promising to:

  1. Pray regularly for one another,
  2. Encourage specific congregations to become involved as Companion Church Congregations with a particular district in the Dodoma Diocese,
  3. Enter into a planned process of visitation, learning from one another and strengthening one another in faith and witness.

In October 2005 Bishop Marcus Lohrmann signed a covenant to begin our companionship with the Slovak Lutheran Church in Serbia.


-Speakers Bureau - Speakers are available for Temple talks or small group meetings.

For Tanzania please contact
Stu Smith: 419-294-2224
For Serbia please contact:
Jim Martin: 419-782-7197

-Stories about Dodoma, Tanzania and Serbia for Sermon illustrations and newsletters - Click here

Thank you for your support for the 2008 Epiphany Companionship Sunday emphasis with our Brothers and sisters in Tanzania and Serbia

For more information, please contact
Kris Johnson, Global Mission Chair


Burt Sigley, 2008 Companionship Sunday Coordinator