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January 6, 2003

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Our relationship with our companion church, the Dodoma Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, has been a source of blessings for many of us as we have come to know their joy and enthusiasm for the Lord. Many of you have responded with generous gifts for projects in the Diocese, and we thank each of you for your kind generosity. Such generosity deserves careful accountability of the funds entrusted into our care as treasurers. Synod and Tanzanian diocese officials.

Our synod accountant has reported that at times he has had difficulty figuring out what an offering has been designated for, and likewise, your congregation treasurer may have had a difficult time with knowing how to word the designation. Questions have also been raised about which projects may be more appropriate to receive support. We want to ensure that your donated funds are designated properly so that synod approved programs can be funded in accordance with donor wishes. With these issues in mind the Global Missions Board has developed three documents to help with your decisions and the logistics of transferring money.

Guidelines of the Companion Synod Relationship will help you in making decisions about your gifts for Dodoma. These guidelines are grounded in the Core Values for Global Mission which were developed by the board in consultation with many in the Synod who have been involved with global mission, and approved by the Synod Council in August, 2001.

The Northwestern Ohio Global Mission Remittance Form was developed as a guide to current programs and projects that are approved for support. This form should be used whenever monies for global mission are sent to the Synod. Please make copies of the Form for your use. You will note that in addition to sending money to the Synod, if you are sending a gift to your companion congregation, you are also responsible for notifying the recipient congregation and the diocese office that these funds are being sent. The address of the Diocese is:

Treasurer, Dodoma Diocese
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania
P.O. Box 1681,
Dodoma, Tanzania

This is necessary because, due to the cost of transmitting money to Tanzania, money will be sent on a quarterly basis, with all gifts lumped together. The Diocese will receive an accounting of these monies and will be responsible for distributing them to the proper recipients.

While a check can theoretically be sent or taken to Tanzania, the poor exchange rate for converting that check into Tanzanian shillings and the long time involved before the money is available means that it is much more efficient to ‘wire’ the money. You might keep these deadlines in mind when sending funds to the Synod office - February 15, May 15, August 15, and November 15 - the dates the synod accountant will plan on wiring money to the bank in Tanzania. Please note that the transaction fee for "wiring" the funds will be deducted from the amount sent.

We hope that these documents will help you and your congregation in planning your giving for global mission. Please know that your gifts, however small, will be much appreciated, and will stretch much farther than the same amount of money spent in this country.

Yours in Christ,

Global Missions Board of Northwestern Ohio Synod