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Aya Secondary School is located in the country north of Dodoma. It was an unused government school that was given to the Dodoma Diocese, rebuilt and refurbished with much help from folks in Germany and NW Ohio, and opened in 1997. Most of the students are attending on scholarships. Many of these students are the children of pastors and evangelists, who otherwise would not be able to afford secondary school. Support is needed for operating expenses and scholarships ($250/student/year)  More info

Aya Scholarships are awarded according to need, but the system does not allow for donor-designated scholarship recipients. The school board has a policy of admitting equal numbers of girls and boys to the school. Thanks to the generosity of northwest Ohio individuals and congregations, scholarships are available for all qualified young people who apply. 

Theological Education by Extension (TEE) is a program of the Dodoma Diocese for the education of their evangelists. The teacher travels around to the various areas to meet with the students, who study at home. The students gather in their area once a week to meet with the teacher, and everyone gathers once a month for discussion, worship and fellowship. They study for ten months of the year and it takes 9 years to complete the courses. Meanwhile they are working in parishes. Their only qualification is that they must be able to read and write. The German missionary who has been leading this program will be retiring soon, and support is needed for the costs of the program as the pastors of the Diocese, who are doing most of the teaching now, take over management of the program. Graduation ceremonies for the first class will be held in November, 2005. A delegation from our synod, including our Bishop, will be attending the ceremonies.

Overseas Health Ministries Ė These funds help with sending medical supplies collected in northwest Ohio to Global Health Ministries, which gathers and sends appropriate medical supplies overseas. GHM also recruits health related personnel, and supports the work through prayers and fellowship. Their Web site: http://www.ghm.org/

Mwangaza Partnership  
Mwangaza is a joint mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. Their goals include professional development for Tanzanian teachers. The Secondary School Teacher Training Program involved short term teacher exchanges, where teams of Tanzanian and American teachers develop teacher training seminars. Our team exchanged visits in 2004. Our ongoing gifts support the Mwangaza mission.  Information on the 2004 Teacher Exchange
2007 Mwangaza Report 

Dodoma Emergency Relief - Funds are used as needed when droughts and other disasters bring hunger and suffering in the Dodoma District, and pastors and evangelists donít get paid. The rains were poor again this year, so hunger is widespread again. Offerings for general emergency relief can be directed to Lutheran World Relief through the Synod office.

Salary Assistance for Pastors and Evangelists of Dodoma Diocese. Salaries in the Dodoma area are very meager, if someone is fortunate enough to have a job. The effect on parish giving is such that pastors and evangelists do not always get paid, as other parish expenses take priority. Most church workers have gardens and farm animals to help with feeding their families, but Bishop Mwamasika sent an urgent request for assistance in 2002 because so many pastors were not getting paid and some were going into debt for their daily expenses. Because of continuing needs, the 2004 Assembly of the NW Ohio Synod passed a Salary Assistance Resolution to lift up the salary needs of the Dodoma Diocese on an ongoing basis. Part of these funds would be used for income enhancing project grants for church workers. The goal would be to see the need for salary support to diminish, as congregations and their members develop the means to support their pastors. 

Mkao Mkuu Diaconal Center. The Mkao Mkuu District (Dodoma town) is building a Diaconal Center to serve a fast growing "neighborhood" in Dodoma where there are no facilities or even a church. Members of several of the Dodoma congregations are working together to build this new facility, including making the blocks to form the walls, but they need help with the finishing expenses including roofs, windows and doors. The first building is a dispensary. After the dispensary is finished, they will build dormitories for boys and girls to house homeless children. There will be a kitchen, a chapel, a library, and a workshop to train youths in a vocational skill. In all, the plan includes 7 or 8 buildings. Pictures

Companion Congregational Gifts includes funds from congregations of NW Ohio to support special projects/needs in their companion congregations in the Dodoma Diocese.

General Undesignated Funds for Companion Synod Program will be used as needed, including expenses involved with exchange visits between the Synod and Diocese.

The Hekima Training Centre  Started with the help of the Northwestern Ohio Synodical Women, this Lutheran World Relief project in Dodoma, Tanzania, trains women of the area in business, computer, and health skills to empower them to overcome poverty and discrimination. Funding is through LWR. More info.

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