Slovak Ev. Church of the Augsburg Confession
in Serbia and Montenegro (SECACSM)

Companion Synod of Northwest Ohio Synod






How does the church in Serbia make Christ known?

  • After 50 years under Communist rule these fellow Christians are learning a way to live with freedoms they never had. The popular women's retreat in November is a Bible study and faith-building experience open to all.
  • Jasmina Kotas came to St John's at the Bay Lutheran Church this summer to share the good news of Jesus.
  • Pastor Luka Ilic has been sharing his stories with fellow seminarians as he pursues a Doctor of Theology degree in Philadelphia.


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SECAV2.jpg (22652 bytes) 

SECAV3.jpg (39336 bytes) Hlozany Church
From left to right:
The congregational President
Pr. Igor Feldy, who did the translating
Dennis Maurer, Asst to Bishop, NW Ohio Synod
Pastor of the congregation with his daughter
Two teens from the congregation and a cong. leader


SECAV1.jpg (37151 bytes)Front row (left to right):
Bishop Vrobovsky, Bishop Kucharek of Slovak Zion Synod (ELCA), Dennis Maurer

Back row:
Printer for Slovak Church, Pastor Igor Feldy, Carolyn Maurer, Pastor Thomas Dvobena, husband of Bp. Kucharek


Stories of Visits to the Slovak Church
      *Fall, 2005

Maps and Information about Serbia-Montenegro