Companion Synod Speakers' Bureau

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"Expect a Harvest - Sowing the Seeds for Ministry in Tanzania"

Northwestern Ohio Synod, ELCA

Are you looking for a someone to give a program about our companion synods and how we can support them?

Raise awareness of the "seeds being sown" in Tanzania and how your congregation can help.
Contact Stuart Smith (419-235-4955; stusmith @ or
Kris Johnson (419-836-7637; kris.johnson @ for more information, or contact speakers directly to schedule a presentation.

These folks are available to give a program:

  • Jim & Cathy Martin
  • Pastor Lisa Peterson
  • Bob & Addy Brandt
  • Lynn Schutz
  • Kris Johnson
  • Betty Myers
  • Wellington Kamala
  • Kathryn Tinsley & Marge Reas
  • Dave Polzin
  • Pastor Dave Bliss
  • Stuart Smith
  • Roger Gundlach
  • Laura Stellhorn
  • Chuck Atkins
  • Judy Pfaffenberger
  • Becky Seibert
  • Carmen Hogrefe


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