Butter and Cheese from grass-fed cows

If you can't get it locally you might try these sources.  Call or email for further information.

1) The Swiss Connection 
Alan and Mary Yegerlehner, 
1363 East CR550S
Clay City, Indiana
Ph: 812-939-2813
Fax: 812-939-3027
E-mail: Alan@swissconnectioncheese.com

2) Nature's Sunlight, Pennsylvania, Mark and Maryann Nolt, (717) 776-3417

3) Wil-Ar Farm, Pennsylvania, (717) 776-6552

4) Ossman Family Farm, Iowa, (319) 653-3555

5) PastureLand Cooperative, Minnesota, (507) 635-5619 or
PastureLand is pleased to offer cheese and butter from grass-fed cows.  We
are a cooperative of six families on four farms, working together for the
good of consumers, the environment, and member farmers to ensure a healthy,
reliable community food source into the future.  Each farm uses a
management-intensive grazing approach.  Cows receive a minimum of 65% of
their diet from grass during the growing season, and are housed in sheltered
pastures year-round.

Pastureland farms use no growth or production-enhancing hormones,
antibiotics, or medications in their herds.  Cheese and butter are available
through retail outlets in Minnesota or by mail order.  Gouda, herb gouda,
tomato-basil gouda, cheddar, and fresh cheddar curds are available in
approximately 5 pound wedges or 10 pound wheels.  We anticipate adding more
cheese varieties in coming months.  Our rich, yellow butter is shipped
frozen in one-pound blocks.

Dan and Muriel French, PastureLand Coopeative, 56330 State Highway 57, Dodge Center, MN 55927.  (507) 635-5619.  Email: pastureland@isd.net 

6) Butter products from the Wetzels, Nebraska, 
(402) 338-5551 or Wetz@inebraska.com

7) "Utter Butter", from Ron at (707) 928-4170 or healself@jps.net

8) Kerrygold butter from Ireland
Available at Andersons in Toledo
Also at http://www.foodireland.com/