Food sources of magnesium


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Magnesium sources
Spices, nuts, cereals, coffee, cocoa, tea, and vegetables are rich sources of magnesium. Deep green leafy vegetables such as spinach & kale are also rich in magnesium as they contain chlorophyll which contains magnesium. Nettles are especially rich in magnesium.
Magnesium is lacking in refined processed foods that make up the majority of what is found in the grocery store, but there are many good sources in whole natural foods. - note that good sources are somewhat limited, which is why magnesium deficiency is quite common.

Cacao Powder  - the #1 source of magnesium in any food (check info further down the page) - Watch how low temp cacao beans are processed at Sunfood here  - sources: Sunfood and LiveSuperfoods
See also here and here on benefits of cacao.


Water -  Magnesium, Drinking Water & Health - water should be a significant source of magnesium, but purified water is not. See Water Issues

Magnesium is very helpful for correcting constipation. If you get too much magnesium you may have loose stools - just cut back on your sources of magnesium until you have soft, formed stools daily.


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