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1/8/07 - Full fat milk makes you thinner - Swedish study   
Kris comments:
Hey, those Swedes have it together! I wonder how many of those Swedes were
drinking fresh unprocessed milk from pastured cows - the very best kind.

6/28/08 - News about one of our favorite members - Olga Christina Boone 
Now 100, Sylvania resident says life has been an adventure

July 2008 - Vesterheim Museum at the 43rd annual Decorah Nordic Fest

Nov 2008 - Snow Patrol - skiing on Hardangervidda.(Norway)  
There is short podcast report at

11/30/08 - Here's a little education on Norwegian lefse:
Labor of lefse keeps tradition rolling

3/14/09 - Nordic Diet Healthy as Mediterranean Diet 

A fascinating site by a Swedish ecologist 
Folke GŁnther 

4/19/09 - What Is Royalty In The 21st Century? by Simon Winchester 
Story about Denmark's Royalty in April 19 Parade magazine. Here's a scan of the picture that was in the Blade issue of Parade - different from what is online.  

April 2009 - Ice Paradise
The rich life of Svalbard, Norway's Arctic archipelago, faces a creeping thaw. 

5/13/09 - Thriving Norway Provides an Economics Lesson  

June 2009 Finland's jewel - Oulanka National Park

9/8/09 - Norwegian company - StatoilHydro inaugurates floating wind turbine  
and also here

11/9/09 - Kris found this after reading an article in the New York Times this morning on the new CO2 labels in Sweden

Which Foods Are Produced with Lower CO2 Emissions?
Swedish Shoppers Ponder New Food Labels

To Cut Global Warming, Swedes Study Their Plates

Best reader comment (and readers favorite comment) on the NYTimes article - from a Wisconsin farmer:
"As a dairy farmer who grazes cows rather than feeding fuel intensive corn and soy; I applaud this effort to label food according to it's carbon footprint. The perennial grasses I grow and store for winter feed sink carbon into our farm's soil. You can see the difference in stored soil organic matter when a shovel full from my field is compared to my neighbor's just across the fence-line. Now, if only our government would set our farm bill incentives for pasture rather than corn & beans......."

Kris responds:
Hurray for pasture raised meat! One of the best things you can easily do for the environment and your health is to insist on grass-fed (pasture-raised) meat and dairy at the grocery store. Before I hear any complaints about the cost, read this article on the high cost of cheap food. We could improve our health and put a lot of the unemployed to work raising that high quality meat and other high quality sustainably produced (organic and better) fresh unprocessed food.

Feb. 2, 2010 - Swedish environmental lessons

June 8, 2010 - Lessons from Norway
In Norway, 40% of the board members of publicly traded companies are women. That's because they must be - by law.
Norway's approach is considered progressive. Indeed, many call the country's initiative the boldest move anywhere to address an issue that one author has flagged as "one of the most durable barriers to gender equality." Not surprisingly, other countries are thinking about following in Norway's footsteps. However, business leaders, politicians and women in these countries are first asking whether or not the legislative solution has in fact made a difference in Norway....

July 2010 - Swedish Staples, by Marleen Whitely
Sweden has a very traditional, varied cuisine with some dishes dating back hundreds of years. The basis of Swedish cuisine is "husmanskost," or house-man food. This refers to the traditional, simple meals served in the homes of families living in the countryside....

News related to the October 2010 program:

1998 - Hopperstad stave church replica dedicated

Aug. 08 - A Church for the Ages